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Spanish Legal Translation


100% Approval Rating for Legal Translations

With a majority of law firms typically employing prestigious attorneys, it only makes sense that if they require the services of a Spanish translator then only the most accomplished legal translators should work on their translations. This will put to rest any doubts about not receiving a translation that is valid according to local courts, international industries, or certified standards. For many law firms and attorneys, with legal matters that require Spanish translation; it’s paramount for them to find a company that appoints native Spanish translators who have experience in industry-specific details like local laws, cultural nuances, and court-approved certification.

Legal Areas of Expertise

Here are some, but certainly not all, of our areas of expertise in Spanish legal translation:

Commercial Law International Trade Real Estate
Copyright and Trademark Manufacturing Liability Corporate Law
Intellectual Property Law Business Litigation Mergers and Acquisitions
Labor Law Products Liability International Law


Legal Document Translation into Spanish

For your convenience, we’ve created a small portion of the documents we translate on a daily basis:

Legal Research Legal Letters Complaints
Corporate Documents Purchase Agreements Waivers
Power of Attorneys Bill of Sales Affidavits
Consent Agreements Warranties Tax Forms


The various fields of law are intricate and difficult to understand by non-specialized translators, and it is highly recommended to hire a Spanish translation company that is trained specifically for these difficult issues. Categorically, the legal field is riddled with many gray areas of legal interpretation so it is vital to have a Spanish translator equipped with the experience to avoid the common mistakes of misinterpretation. If your legal project demands absolute accuracy and professional Spanish translation then you don’t need to look any further. We guarantee that our Spanish legal translation services will satisfy your legal requirements and make you feel confident that you made the right decision.

Native Spanish and English Translators

Without a doubt, the legal profession is no longer limited to the confines of any particular country or jurisdiction. With globalization booming, more law firms are expanding their practice to other parts of the world. In order to make this transition, many firms are seeking the help of expert legal translators.

You should  only trust translations that have been produced by native translators of the source language. An English to Spanish translation should be conducted by an English native that has mastery of both English and Spanish. The same is true for Spanish to English translations.

If your law firm is looking for a professional, experienced Spanish legal translation for your case, it is highly recommended to seek the help of a Spanish translation company that has extensive knowledge of local laws, industry lingo, and can pay close attention to cultural details.

Why Our Global Clients Continually Choose Us

With clients from all over the globe, we have helped law firms, governmental agencies and the courts with their Spanish legal translation needs. There is a reason why our clients come back for our services over and over again — because we deliver the results they are looking for to succeed in their industry. With a high client retention rate, we are able to form professional relationships with our clients, which heighten our ability to streamline communication in their projects.

In the rapidly changing legal environment, The Translation Company always keeps up-to-date with the latest changes in any local court regulations, legal lingo, and industry standards that may impact the Spanish legal translation of your case. Our expert translators have the tools and resources at their disposal to ensure an efficient and precise Spanish translation for your legal matters. Whether you require Spanish to English translation or English to Spanish translation, our translators will provide quality, accuracy and complete satisfaction – guaranteed.


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