What Should I Look for in a Professional Translation Company

The United States counts for over 44% of the world’s total market capitalization. That’s the largest chunk of any country by far. But it’s still not even half of the world’s economic output. So if you run a business or an organization that wants to reach as much of the world’s capital as possible, you need to be active in other countries as well.

That’s where translation companies come into play. They enable your brand to connect with a global audience, opening up new opportunities to drive revenue and growth, not to mention other important advantages.

But how do you find the right translation service for your goals and requirements? What factors matter when selecting one of these companies?

9 Traits That Reveal a Professional Translation Service

We’ve put together this article to help you figure it out. Keep reading to learn what you should be looking for while choosing a professional translation company. Here are the highlights:

  1. Human Translators, Not Machines
  2. The Ability to Offer Localized Translations
  3. Previous Clients in Your Niche
  4. Great Online Reviews
  5. Active Certifications
  6. Translation as a Standalone Business
  7. Time-sensitive Services
  8. Client Review Stage
  9. Complete Confidentiality

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#1  Human Translators, Not Machines

There are some pretty strong translation algorithms in existence today. But do you really trust a machine to translate your important and confidential business documents? Many people don’t.

Besides, a computer can’t think through a translation like a human who is fluent in both languages can. Using a human helps you unlock the true meaning of your content in every language. This will help to bring the material to life instead of making it feel robotic and uninspired.

#2  Localized Translations

High-quality translation is about making your content flow as naturally as possible in another language. But that can mean very different things based on where the language is spoken.

For example, Portuguese in Brazil and Portugal can be quite different from one another, just as English in the USA and England can be. Offering these localized translations can be a big distinguishing factor for a translation firm.

#3  Previous Clients in Your Niche

You also want to make sure that a translation company has helped other clients in your niche successfully in the past. This is especially important if the material you need to be translated is highly technical in nature.

For example, if you’re translating officially shipping documents, everything needs to be perfect, or else you could have a supply chain issue on your hands. A company that has done the work before will be much likelier to get the job done for you without making a costly error.

#4  Great Online Reviews

There’s no substitute for happy clients. When a translation company consistently receives rave reviews, you can have a lot of confidence that you’re going to have a similar experience with it.

It can be especially useful to look for reviews from businesses or organizations that are similar to your own. For example, if you’re a large technology company, a review from another large tech company will likely be the most informative and reflective of what your experience with the firm will be like.

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#5  Active Certifications

Professional certifications are a good benchmark for quality that you can look for in a new firm that you’re considering. If a translation company has earned a certification from a reputable organization like the American Translators Association, then you know that they’re doing things the right way.

ATA MemberCard 245382

Note that certifications aren’t enough on their own to guarantee that you’ll have a good experience with a translation service. But they are a great step in that direction.

#6  Translation as a Standalone Business

There are companies out there that offer translation as one service alongside many others. This can sometimes be okay for smaller, less important projects. But if you have a major translation need, then you really should go with a firm that specializes in this service alone.

This is because a company that has built its entire business around offering translations is naturally going to be more specialized and skilled at it. These companies are able to adapt to differing circumstances more efficiently and should be able to provide you with a superior experience.

#7  Time-Sensitive Services

If you run a global business, you can never know when you might need a document translated as quickly as possible to avoid a snag in your supply chain.

A great translation service will be able to help you in these situations as well as in the ones that you encounter as a matter of routine. And you’ll appreciate not needing to go back and forth between multiple companies just to meet your translation needs.

#8  Client Review Stage

Even the very best translation companies may get a few things wrong from time to time. That’s why it’s important for you, as a client, to be able to review the work that a translation firm has done before paying in full for it.

It’s why you may also want to look for a translation business that offers this – especially if you have staff that speaks the language you’re translating documents into. Doing so could help you catch some inaccuracies that may impact the quality of the translation.

#9  Complete Confidentiality

Finally, if you’re hiring a translation company, there’s a good chance that the documents you have need to be kept confidential. If there are any concerns – in reviews or otherwise – that indicate a company might not be capable of maintaining 100% confidentiality, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, your organizational secrets could get into the wrong hands. And you could be at risk of encountering serious problems with your business because of it.

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If you’re ready to hire a translation firm that has everything you need, consider contacting The Translation Company.

We’re a specialized translation firm that’s certified by the American Translators Association. We offer services in more than 200 languages and have experience working in many different sectors.

Take a look at some of our online reviews to see the value we can offer you. Or, reach out to us directly, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options for high-quality translation services.

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