Translations for Specific Hispanic Markets

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If your company wants to take its business to the next level and broaden its horizons into new Spanish-based markets, you’ve come to the right place. Since Spanish is one of the top global languages, it makes sense that Spanish translation is now in high demand and is now the summit as the most translated language worldwide.

Being a close contender with the United States, South America is gaining demand for Spanish translation since Spanish-speaking demographics are the primary target throughout the continent. With countries like Brazil being heavily frequented tourist destinations and the recent boom in Hispanic businesses, Spanish translation is working its way into all corners of the globe and all corners of each commercial industry.

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Experts For the following Industries

Here at The Translation Company, we service all major translation industries, such as Hispanic translation, legal translation, business translation, and technical translation. Whatever your industry may be, we have a translator that is an expert with the documents that you need to be translated:

Rest assured, we employ legal translators, financial translators, business translators, and technical translators so that you have someone knowledgeable and experienced in your field.

We not only assign an industry-specialized translator to your particular project, but we also assign industry-seasoned editors and project managers to make sure no errors or misunderstandings slip through the cracks. It’s this kind of attention to detail that our clients appreciate in their translation company and keeps our clients coming back project after project.

Finding A Trustworthy Translation Company

You need a translation company that you can trust for your translations. Businesses looking to expand their services into Spanish-speaking industries have content requiring professional translation services.

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Project Management for Translation Industries

Having been in the business for over a decade, The Translation Company incorporates a 3-tier system that consists of professional linguists, translators, and editors. This checks and balance approach ensures the most accurate and well-written final text.

Our translation projects are assigned according to the type of industry. If your matters are in legal translation, for instance, then one of our court-approved experts in Spanish legal translation will translate your document. Whatever specific niche your translation project requires, we will assign a specialized translator and project manager to work specifically on the expert-needed translation.

Spanish Business Translation

Marketing to the Hispanic Markets

Whether your company is prepared to launch a marketing campaign in the Spanish language or looking to translate your competitor´s marketing media, it is highly recommended to hire a Spanish translation company with experience in business promotion.

Marketing often involves information-intensive data, such as demographic data, sales forecasts, and public relations. It is crucial to have the proper Spanish translation to ensure the successful promotion of your goods or services over and above your competitors.

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Spanish Business Translation

Offering every business document translation available, our business translators will handle your business documents with accuracy, dedication, and care. With hundreds of business clients from around the world, we have the experience to handle your company´s document translation needs.

We will carefully translate the following business documents such as business plans, business strategy, business proposals, business agreements, balance sheets, legal contracts, reports, spreadsheets, expense sheets, income statements, stakeholder reports, 

“Professional Spanish translators dedicated to your unique Spanish translation needs.”

At the heart of marketing is communication, the ability to adequately convey your business product or service in such a way the consumer can relate to and comprehend. A mistake in properly communicating your sales could damage your marketing strategies. At The Translation Company, we offer a professional team of expert Spanish translators to ensure your marketing translation needs are communicated accurately and effectively.

Improve your Marketing Strategies for the Hispanic Markets

A critical element in a successful marketing campaign is knowing the public´s cultures, beliefs, values, and customs. Without this basic understanding, it would be unproductive and a waste of money to promote your business in a market where your product or service ideas would not be accepted or understood.

If your company is seeking to expand or enhance your marketing campaign in the Spanish-speaking markets, you need translators that know not only in the native language but also in the marketing field. Having a solid, reputable Spanish translation company or service with experience in the marketing arena will prove invaluable to your marketing plan.

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The Standard for Marketing Translation

For any marketing executive charged with the responsibility of promoting and selling a product or service in any Spanish-speaking market, you should choose a translation company setting and raise the bar for business translation.

With guaranteed accuracy and dedication to our clients, we have set the standard for marketing translation. Whether your company requires Spanish-to-English translation or English-to-Spanish translation, we offer the best-qualified translators available.

Since Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, it is no surprise that more and more companies are tapping into the markets of Latin America and elsewhere. To gain an advantage over your competitors, The Translation Company can take complex documents and marketing material to make your product or service attractive and understandable to the consumer.

At The Translation Company, we realize proper communication is significant in marketing, and we take every step to ensure your product or service gets the attention it deserves. We are the preferred choice among many marketing executives and marketing firms – who are they? We will be happy to share some of our references.

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Translation of Advertisements

Translation of advertisements is an important area of study for cultural and commercial reasons. Advertising also tends to be a field that requires special treatment regarding translation because of linguistic nuances between Spanish and English. The problem begins with the very word ‘advertisement’. The Spanish word for the English ‘advertisement’ is ‘propaganda’. However, ‘propaganda’ itself is another English word, and it means something entirely different. The Spanish-speaking people have another word for advertising, ‘aviso’, but the word is limited in its meaning. It only refers to the written form of advertisement and excludes all other forms of advertisement.

Spanish translation of English advertisements and vice versa is important for two reasons. First off, such translation is essential to promote Spanish products in the United States and vice versa. Secondly, there is a large Hispanic population in the United States, and it is vital to be able to target them in their native language.

Spanish Financial Translation

Does your company specialize in any of these financial fields: financial consultation, auditing, mortgages, banking, accounting, mergers, and acquisitions, or outsourcing? If so, and you’re on this site, then your company must be interested in professionally translating your services for some kind of prospective Spanish-speaking regions, markets, or clients.

Here are some common translation financial materials that you can refer to:

  • Banking Accounting Taxation
  • Business Stocks Corporate Finance
  • Real Estate Product Investment Trading
  • 401K IRA Loans

Other documents:

  • Financial Reports Income Tax Returns Loan Documents
  • Business Plans Tax Reports Presentations
  • Press Releases Shareholder Documents Websites
  • Balance Sheets Contracts Business Brochures

Spanish Technical Translation

Printed circuit board and precision tools on diagram of electronics, technology

Expertise in Technical Translation Makes A Difference

Your company is about to launch a new or existing product that will hit the global markets. If so, you need your user manuals properly translated. Because Spanish is one of the most common languages, it is important to have your user manual translated into this language.

Any errors or omissions in the user manual’s Spanish technical translation could damage the reputation and goodwill of your company. And it could also cost thousands — if not millions — of dollars in recalls or lawsuits. Given the necessity and importance of a properly translated manual, you need a company with the experience and background in user manual translation. At The Translation Company, we have been helping manufacturers, companies, and corporations worldwide translate their user manuals. For an accurate Spanish technical translation, our expert translators at The Translation Company will ensure that your user manual is translated precisely to the original language.

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More about our technical translation services.

Technical Area of Experience

Some of the subjects we work with include:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Technology
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Patents
  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • Energy and
  • Manufacturing

Technical Document Translation

Documents that we translate daily include:

CAD Drawings, Patents, User Guides, Safety Manuals, User Manuals, Technical Specifications, Environmental Reports, Labels, Auto Manuals, Data Sheets, Software Manuals, Electronic Manuals, Consumer Product Manuals, Research Data, E-Learning Modules, Press Releases, Technical Articles, White Papers.

Documents such as Training Documents, Technical Analysis, Maintenance Procedures, Policies and Procedures, Operations Manuals, Machinery Manuals, and Developer Guides are also present in our portfolio.

Spanish Medical Translation

Spanish medical translation covers a broad scope of health-related topics. No matter what type of life services or medical product a company offers, it’s always our job to remember that a person’s life could be at stake and that any mistake in translation, however slight, could pose a threat to one of their patrons.

This concern makes a couple of things certain. People depend on their medical company for the care, attention, and treatment they deserve. Even more importantly, companies depend on the accurate translations we provide them to provide their customers with the correct resources they need.

Rest assured, The Translation Company has always provided accurate translations and has always been lauded for our clear communication and achievements in our Spanish medical translations. You can check other languages we handle in our medical translation services.

Spanish Legal Translation

Legal Translations Accepted for All Legal Purposes

With most law firms typically employing prestigious attorneys, it only makes sense that if they require the services of a Spanish translator, then only the most accomplished legal translators should work on their translations. This will put to rest any doubts about not receiving a translation that is valid according to local courts, international industries, or certified standards.

For many law firms and attorneys with legal matters that require Spanish translation, it’s paramount for them to find a company that appoints native Spanish translators who have experience in industry-specific details like local laws, cultural nuances, and court-approved certification.

The Importance of the Cultural Context

In some ways, the problems that beset the Spanish translation of advertisements are not very different from the problems that other kinds of translations face. The Spanish translator must communicate the face-value intention as well as the deeper meaning of the text. He or she must take the culture of the source text as well as the target text into consideration. In addition, when translating advertisements, the specialized Spanish translator must also consider other features of advertisements, such as layout, font, color, symbol, images, and content.

These extra-linguistic features play an important role in conveying information in advertisements. At the same time, these rhetorical features are entrenched in popular culture, myths, and the people’s folklore. Hence, they have the potential to become the greatest source of cultural mismatches in translation.

Some technical aspects of advertisements, like ‘copy fit’ (the way the written part of the ad meshes with the graphics and the total layout), also fall within the translator’s discretion. ‘Copy fit’ can be a problem in Spanish translation because Spanish needs more words than English to communicate the same message.

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