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The Translation Company Group has been providing quality translation services since 2005. Our translators, project managers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers have delivered litterally millions of pages of quality content to companies of all sizes and industries in the US and abroad.

We believe that translating content into other languages is just a piece of the puzzle. Competitive advantage and success in translation projects are achieved by a cohesive treatment of all the aspects related to your content. By content, we mean not only text, but graphics, web media such as apps, news sites, blogs, and any traditional media your customers may use.

Our company is a Certified Women's Owned Business:


Camila Saunier

CEO & Co-Founder
  • Over 10 years in the translation industry
  • Expert understanding of the translation business
  • People-person with great command of operations
  • In charge of all our production operations

Pam Stetzer

  • More than 20 years of financial experience
  • Field-tested experience in managing the financial aspects of translations
  • As a resident of New York, she has worked in the management of top New York companies.
  • Worldwide experience in managing enterprises

Since 2005

Our job is to ensure you succeed in creating and showcasing content that will meet your strategic goals. From the inception of your marketing materials, websites, or product documentation, when this material is made available, we handle each step of this road with you. Let us keep you on track for success and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Imagine getting a marketing campaign, website copy, or product translation perfect at the first try after a quick consultation and review over Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp. What about getting this same content translated to 20+ other languages simultaneously? What if your content provider was also capable of developing your website, publishing your new content worldwide while also being versed in SEO and Social Media, helping you reach new audiences?

It sounds like you would have better use of your time for strategy and higher-level management of your business, right? That’s exactly what working with  The Translation Company means. You think strategy, and we think content.

Complimentary advice and guidance for your localization efforts and planning. We give you the tools and expertise to enable your business to succeed worldwide.

Thousands of Satisfied Clients!

Excellent Reviews

  • A professional translation company for 200+ languages
  • Headquartered in Dallas, Texas
  • Serving global clients in the US and 40+ countries
  • Members of the American Translators Association
  • Members of the New York Circle of Translators  and
  • Members of the ProZ Workplace

At The Translation Company, we draw upon years of experience and expertise to complete each of our client’s projects. We provide translation services in 200+ languages for all major industries, such as but not limited to business, legal, financial, technical, and engineering. We guarantee complete satisfaction, plus our fast, affordable, and reliable translation services keep our clients returning to us year after year.

Corporate Member of the American Translators Association

As members of the American Translators Association, we follow strict quality procedures for translation services. You can rest assured your documents are translated by certified professional translators with decades of language translation experience.

ATA - American Translators Association - Corporate Members

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