Nonprofit Translation Services: Interpretation and Translation for NonProfits

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If you run a non-profit organization, you have to be able to communicate effectively with the people you serve. But it’s difficult to translate documents and overcome language barriers when your charitable organizations deal with different cultures that are limited English proficient.

If you’ve been struggling with this, The Translation Company is here to help. Our global network of non-profit translations will help you reach your target language so you can maintain strong ties with non-English speakers and other stakeholders across the world.

Keep reading to learn how our community of translators and subject matter experts can help you continue doing your vital work and services.

The Benefits of Translation for Non-profit Organizations

Hiring a company that offers language services can be beneficial for your group for many reasons. Here are some of the main benefits you’ll want to consider when deciding whether to hire a translation agency.

Bridge the Communication Gap

Hiring professional interpreters and translators makes it easier for non-profits to communicate with members of all communities and languages.

No matter where your mission takes you, translators can help you connect with local people and raise awareness for your mission by ensuring you both speak the same language — even languages with lesser diffusion that LUNA helps with.

Conduct More Effective Cultural Training

For highly-respected non-profits with global missions, providing interpreting services and translated documents is a must when training new team members. Translators will help you do this more effectively whether your qualifying not-for-profit uses American Sign Language, Mandarin, or any other language.

Reach More Donors with More Effective Communication

The language services that translators provide can also help you reach more donors. When you’re able to do things like offer discounted rates in someone’s native language, it can help them understand what you’re about and connect with your mission more effectively. That could help you raise more money.

Do More Good By Connecting with More Nonprofits and a Broader Community

The bottom line is that language services from translators help non-profits connect with more people so that they can spread their services across the world more effectively and reach more communities in need. That’s valuable no matter what industry you’re in.

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Translation Services Available for Your Nonprofit Organization

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Non-profit translations are available for many different communication needs and goals. We can help you out with your next translation regardless of the language that you need help or the category of material that you need to have translated.

Medical Research

Some organizations and nonprofits conduct valuable medical research that the entire world should know about. We’ll help you achieve this goal with translations of research, summaries, and other findings.

Marketing Materials

Part of running a successful organization is ensuring that you tell as many people as possible about the good work that you’re doing. We can help with that by offering language services for website content, blog posts, social media posts, magazine ads, and any other kinds of marketing you do.

Industry Documents

Some organizations also help create special industry-focused documents, such as technical manuals. We can help you broaden your communication strategy by translating things like this for your non-profit community as well.

Instructions and How-To Guides

We also help non-profit organizations translate instructions and how-to guides into a wide variety of languages. This can help you get your products or services into more people’s hands without having to offer special discount rates to do so.

The Translation Company Makes Translation Easier for Your Nonprofit Organization

If you think that the organizations you run would benefit from professional translation, then you want to make sure that you hire the right team for the job. No matter what community you want to connect with or languages you want a translation for, The Translation Company can get the job done for you.

We help organizations across the planet reach more of their community with high-quality translations from experts. The work we do stands out from other providers for a few key reasons.

First, our team only consists of certified translators. This ensures your job will have a high-quality level no matter what.

Additionally, we employ subject matter experts. These professionals already understand your toughest industry jargon, which leads to more precise translations for your community and organization to enjoy.

Finally, our company is large enough to provide high levels of flexibility. Whether you need a job completed the same day or you want to take your time to go through multiple rounds of reviews, we have the institutional capability to make your goals come true.

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