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Need a quality Chinese translation to enter the Chinese market? We can help.

The Translation Company offers the highest quality translations at a competitive price. We have teams for simplified Chinese (Mandarin) and traditional Chinese (Cantonese). Clients using our Chinese translation services include corporations, manufacturers, law offices, and medical companies. Our translations are provided by certified Chinese translators and proofreaders:

Why Use Our Translation Services?

Our Chinese translators are native speakers with expert knowledge in their fields. Specialty fields include technology, business, engineering, finance, and law.

  • Rush Turnarounds
  • Following ISO 9001
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Clients
  • Native Translators
  • Certified Translators
  • Field Experts

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Chinese Translations for Businesses

The Translation Company offers a broad range of Chinese translation services our teams provide in the US and China. Need to order your translations from a Chinese company? Or are you based in the US and required by law to hire an American translation company? We can assist in both countries.

From large projects to short documents, we have the resources to complete your translation project. Our Chinese translation services have been chosen by clients worldwide for over a decade. We can translate all types of documents from Chinese to English and English to Chinese:

  • Application Guides
  • Business Guides
  • User Guides
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Getting Started Guides
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Programming Guides
  • Requirement Documents
  • User Guides

Certified Translations

The Translation Company employs certified Chinese translators. When we work on your translation projects, a translator expert in your field of knowledge translates your documents. Documents translated by us on a daily basis include user manuals, business documents, legal texts, and marketing presentations.

Learn more about our English to Chinese Translations and Chinese to English Translations services.

Tailored to Specific China Regions

The Translation Company can handle simplified and traditional Chinese document translations tailored to your audience. A professional Mandarin translation requires a Mandarin translator, while a Cantonese translation requires a Cantonese translator.

Because of all the language variants in China, a single type of Chinese English translator is not sufficient for all language projects. Make sure you choose a Chinese translation company able to offer the right variant for your needs.

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Technical Chinese Translation

The Translation Company employs editors, managers, and translators specializing in technical translations.

Many companies use freelance, machine, or uncertified translations. These services result in low-quality translations that may bring confusion, loss of face, and liability for the companies using such translations.

By trusting us with your translation projects, you have the peace of mind of getting high-quality translations provided by certified translators:

Accredited Translators & Interpreters

Some people believe that technical terms pose few translation problems. The American Translators Association disproved this myth through extensive research. Technical translators must be attentive to ensure the entire document is translated as accurately as possible while consistently using the same terms throughout a project.

Certified Women’s Owned Business:

Premium Accuracy

Accuracy is a must for effective translations. Technical translations require great precision. Details must be carefully watched, and attention to detail makes the difference. Try our Chinese language services and do not look back.

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Business Chinese Translation

Our Chinese translators have substantial experience with business translation projects. Our editors and proofreaders work along with our translators to ensure quality and consistency.

A certified translator will first translate your business document then an editor will proofread the translated document. Your assigned project manager will overview every project.

Business Documents We Translate

Clients from all over the world rely on The Translation Company for their business translation needs. We would love to help you. Some of the most frequently translated business documents in our practice:

  • Advertising Documents
  • Accounting Records
  • Business Proposals
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Human Resources
  • Memos & Communications
  • Presentation Materials
  • Marketing Plans

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Project Examples

Many US companies must either enter the Chinese markets to expand or find manufacturers who can build their projects at lower costs. Translation services overcome the differences in language and culture. Some examples of how translations are important for business projects:

  • PowerPoint presentation for a deal-closing meeting.
  • Drafts of a distribution agreement for approval by a legal department.
  • Translation of employee handbooks to be used by the US Subsidiary in China.
  • A business inquiry formatted as a letter to be sent to a prospective buyer or supplier, and
  • Manuals of Procedure to be used in the US subsidiary in China.

Cultural Aspects Addressed

Some cultural aspects that we take into consideration when handling a translation project:

  • Emphasis on “keeping face” and addressing reputation issues.
  • Search for harmonious relations. Chinese believe society is stable when relations are stable. Duty, sincerity, loyalty, and respect for age all allow stability.
  • Business appointments should be made in advance and preferably in writing.
  • Punctuality is a virtue.
  • Chineses usually appoint their senior member as speakers in negotiations. Consider designating the most senior-leveled member of your group to negotiate as well.
  • Chinese are careful when it comes to negotiation. Allow several weeks for a decision to be reached.
  • Come prepared. Written materials should be in English and Chinese. This will help you look more professional and may speed up the deal.

Financial Chinese Translation

Financial Fields That Are Frequently Using Our Services

Financial projects require accuracy. Incorrect amounts or confusing terminology may result in losses and liability. Our certified translators have substantial experience in financial fields. Some of the subject matters we translate daily:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Banking Services
  • Commercial Lending
  • Economics
  • Financial Consulting
  • Insurance
  • Stock Markets

Financial Documents That We Translate

Let our native translators get the quality translation you are looking for. Our company can translate financial documents from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

Some of the largest US financial entities have used our translation services. Some projects that clients come to us for include, but are not limited to:

  • Banking Transcripts
  • Budget Forecasts
  • Customer Surveys
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Risk
  • Investment Documents
  • Tax Returns
  • Venture Capital

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Legal Chinese Translation

At The Translation Company, we treat legal translation seriously. A legal translation should be error-free whether the document appears before a court or is meant to be used only between the parties.

We use certified translators with a proven track record and understanding of the legal language. Our Chinese translators go through vetting to assess their legal expertise and make sure they are apt to produce the quality translation you expect.

Aspects of Chinese Legal Translation

  • Only human translators can provide certified legal translations for use within the legal system.
  • Machine translations and non-certified translations can cause delays and losses in legal cases.
  • Judges may penalize parties who share low-quality translations of important documents.
  • Certified translators are trained on how to translate technical terms accurately and consistently.
  • Potential risks for mistranslations include losing a legal case or the trust of a potential partner.

Common Uses For Our Chinese Legal Translations

  • Incorporation Applications
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Court Judgments
  • Judgments
  • Contracts
  • Claims
  • Investments
  • Litigation

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Experience in Different Subject Matters

Legal translation requires a high degree of attention to detail. Our experienced Chinese translators have the required skills. We deliver our translation assignments always on time.

Hundreds of law firms, corporations, and businesses of all types in the US and China have used our legal translations. Our legal translations are guaranteed 100% accepted by any US Department, Government, Court, Business, Employer, Law Firm, and University.

Chinese Localization Services

Chinese localization includes adapting computer software, video, manuals, and interfaces in general. Chinese translations are particularly challenging because of the differences in writing systems and culture among the different areas in China (e.g., China Taiwan x China Mainland).

The main aspects addressed in a Chinese localization project include:

  • Chinese characters
  • Spelling variants
  • Graphical representations of text
  • Spoken (Audio)
  • Date/time format
  • Formatting of numbers
  • Time zones
  • Images and colors: cultural appropriateness
  • Names and titles
  • Phone numbers, addresses, and postal codes
  • Weights and measures
  • Paper sizes
  • Aesthetics
  • Cultural values and social context

Our development team always has a team leader who understands foreign languages and cultures from a technical perspective. Our district-targeted Chinese Chinese technical translation includes:

  • Chinese translation considering the local Chinese variation
  • User-testing with people from a specific group/profile
  • Software building participation, producing files tailored to your workflow
  • Local versioning for time, measures, cultural issues, etc.
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