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The term human translations highlights the fact that translation services are done by human beings instead of computers (e.g., machine translation).

As technology evolves, more of the translation process is delegated to software and computers. We agree that technology plays an important role in languages and translation services. In fact, services in every industry have been disrupted by technology. However, when it comes to translation services, technology should be used as support to the human translation craft.

While free Google translation may help you understand the main ideas in a text in another language, human translation is still a must when you need your content translated for your business or any other purpose requiring accuracy.

Our clients ask as one of their first questions: ‘do you provide human translation services?’

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Two Main Benefits of Using Human Translators

Only humans can precisely decide what the right context for a translation is.

Subject Matter and Translation Context

Words change meaning depending on the context, and the choice of words in the target languages will rely on the context. Keeping humans in charge of the human translations’ overall management will ensure the translated document mirrors the original document.

Slang, idiomatic expressions, localism, and technical domains are just a few other challenges to language translation automation. Language has some nuances that computers and artificial intelligence won’t be able to handle any time soon.

Human Translation = High Quality

There isn’t a single translation for a specific word. The best choice of which term will better convey the original meaning intended by the author will require a human being to make such a decision. Note that even professional translators will have different choices for words and style.

Translation accuracy is not just a technical process. Professional human translation is also an art that cannot be learned without decades of work behind a monitor. Translations to be used in court, business presentations, or any application requiring accuracy should be restricted to human translators for decades, if not centuries, to come.

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Human Translation: the 7 Must-Haves

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Looking for the best human translation around? Our company specializes in professional translation services for clients around the world. Our language services and translation solutions are used by a range of companies in the US and abroad.

While quality is subjective and difficult to assess, these are the 7 Must-Haves we follow to ensure accurate translations in all our translation projects:

Must-Haves for Professional human translation services:

1. Only certified translators

2. Each translator should be a native speaker of the target language and at least fluent in the source language

3. If you have a large project, the leading professional translator should keep a Glossary

4. The project manager and assigned translators must know the target audience

5. A proofreader should carefully review the final translated text.

6. The best professionals are native speakers of just one language

7. Assign subject matter experts

When Should You Use Human Translation

#1 International Markets

Need business translation? If you are serious about providing services to the international markets, the use of professional translations will get you started on the right foot. A translation company should provide you with quality services, no matter if small or large volumes, and translate your content into different languages matching your markets.

#2 Certified Translations

Are you being asked to get a certified translation service? This is another example of when only human translation services are acceptable. Certified translation services are usually required by courts, governments, universities, and other entities that will not accept anything less than a professional translation service.

#3 Localization Services

Localization services involve translation services provided in the context of software, interface, advertisement, and other highly-customized content applications. In Localization, a professional translator is not enough. Translation companies will need to go the extra mile to analyze the context of the content and decide what will be the best translation possible in that circumstances. In such cases, only a human translation process will satisfy such context-intensive analyses.

#4 Linguistic Accuracy

In many cases, a human translation service may be unnecessary (e.g., understanding the content of a general content letter). However, for content requiring a precise language (e.g., a doctorate thesis), linguistic accuracy will always ask for a professional translator to provide a certified translation.

#5 Industry Expertise

Despite the so-called industry-oriented machine translation engines, the truth is that whenever the content is within a highly specialized niche, only a translator who is native to the target language and also fluent in the source language will be able to know the range of terms existing in a specific industry.

We can help you.

If using a human translation service makes sense to you because you need the highest quality, look no further. We are the right language service provider for your needs.

What makes us unique? While traditional agencies take clients for granted, our customer service has a uniquely human touch when it comes to taking care of you – our client.

We ask you pertinent questions like ‘who is your target audience’, ‘what are you trying to accomplish with your translation project’, and “which languages do you want to target first?” You are also kept posted about your translation project constantly, and all questions are answered immediately.

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A Certified Women’s Owned Business

Our company is proudly certified as a Women’s Owned Business in addition to being a member of the American Translators Association.

Technology-Assisted Human Translation

Translation Support Tools

Some activities are better accomplished by software instead of a human translator. Some of these translations support activities:

  • retrieving a glossary during the translation process
  • checking for spelling
  • saving the translated document along the way
  • providing advanced editing tools
  • others

Repetition Savings

One of the best-known advantages of such tools is leveraging on repetition. It is common for text segments to be repeated within a  document or even a set of separate documents. Translation software can keep a ‘translation memory’ of such repetitions to help professional human translators by ‘pre-translating’ part of the source document.

Advantages coming from the ‘translation memory’ process:

  • no need to translate the same thing multiple times
  • consistency since a single translation will be provided for the same term
  • quality translation with savings in time and cost
  • possibility of multiple human translators working on the same project while keeping consistency in terms of terminology choice
  • development of a translation asset that can be kept over time independently of the human translators who have worked previously on the translation projects

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Questions About Human Translation Services

1. Are there pure human translations out there?

It is very rare to find a language professional who doesn’t use some tool when translating documents. Because of the competition in the translation services industry, we would say only amateurs would work without some level of translation software to help them along the way.

2. What translation software do human translators use?

The main tools used by professionals in the human translation business are:

>> CAT-Tools: these ‘computer-assisted translation tools’ focus on keeping a translation memory of the work being done for future use

>> Text Editors: usually already built-in the CAT-Tools

> Electronic glossaries: so they can check the best terms for terminology or keep their work consistent with what was done previously

3. Will human translators become obsolete?

Not in our lifetime. We have heard many times that machine translation would soon make human translators disposable. This prediction has not nearly materialized, and we don’t believe it will any time soon. Translation services continue in high demand.

Intelligent communication remains pretty unreachable to computers, even the most powerful ones available only to the government and universities.

4. Do I really need a human translation? When can I settle for less?

Ask yourself if you can afford inaccuracies in your translation. Let’s say you just want to read a sales letter from a company abroad. In this case, a Google machine translation could give you a very good idea of the letter’s original meaning.

And, if you need a better understanding of some passage’s in particular, you can always hire a human translator to handle that specific passage. This would save you money since you wouldn’t need to translate the whole document.

5. When are professional human translators an absolute must?

If you need translated documents for immigration or if you need your services brochures translated to other languages, you wouldn’t rely on a sub-par process, right? For a text that must look professional in other languages with no room for quality issues, seeking a human translation process provided by a professional translation company is a must.

10 Facts Every Translation Buyer Should Know

Professional human translation services are expensive. Make the most of your budget by reading our quick guide on translation service rates and ten facts every translation buyer should know.

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