Translations for Technology Companies

Translations for Technology

Information technology includes sub-divisions like software solutions, websites, e-learning modules, animation, desktop publishing, and various other Internet tools for fast communication. The software part includes anti-virus tools, ERP software, business intelligence software, medical field software applications, etc.

The translator providing information technology translation has to translate the user interface files that are part of a software application's resource files. The translation needs to consider the local culture and language of specific locations where the software application would be used. The other parts of resource files that need translation to the local language are dialog boxes, error messages, etc.

The information technology translation also includes the translation of help files with their subtitles. It is advised that an information technology translator specialized in software translation must be a software programmer with multilingual skills. It is so because this part of information technology translation involves software coding to some extent. If the translator is not well versed with the software coding, then the translation would result in the malfunctioning of the software for the target language, which is certainly not acceptable by the client.

Some of the information technology fields we serve:

  • Enterprise software
  • Consumer software
  • Telecom Services
  • Datacenter services
  • Devices

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The other division of information technology translation is the translation of websites to and from different languages. The websites of different commercial organizations or non-commercial organizations are their identity on the Internet. Their website is a medium to reach out to various global customers. Most websites were only in English, but with time the translation of websites to multiple languages was quickly introduced worldwide. This new trend of information technology translation has made it possible for corporations to convey their information about products and/or services to people with different native languages, which has surely increased the customer acquisition by corporations globally.

Some of the documents we translate daily:

  • Software documentation
  • User Interfaces
  • Business Plans
  • Service Agreements
  • Global communication

The next part of information technology translation includes e-learning modules translation. E-learning courses are of various types. They have certainly gained relevance in the last decade. In modern times of business globalization, e-learning courses have needed the new multilingual translation trend for making the same modules applicable in different locations globally.

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