Translators’ Key Role in Translation

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Translator Categories

Despite technological advancements, translation services still need human translators to craft professional translations. The nuances of language can only be understood well enough by the human brain.

Translators are categorized based on language, focus, and other factors we address in this article.

Translator Categories

In these pages, we help translation buyers understand some of the distinctive characteristics of translators available in the translation industry.

Expert Translators

Expert translators focus on a single specialty, such as information technology or medical sciences. Expert translators are required in projects with technical terminology requiring expert technology in the field of the document being translated. Know when to use Expert translators in your translation projects: Expert translators.

Native Translators

Although being a major point of advertisement by translation companies, the truth is that any reputable translation company will use only native translators in their translation projects. Know why the use of native translators is a must in any serious translation. Native translators.

Human Translators

This is a tricky topic. As artificial intelligence and computer-assisted translation evolve constantly, it becomes more difficult to nail the boundaries between machine and human translation. Know why human translation is a must today and shall remain for at least the next several decades: Human translators.

American Translators in the USA

American translators are known for their accuracy and native command of the English language. Know when to use American translators in your translation projects: American translators in the USA.

Foreign Translators

Foreign translators are foreign only from a US perspective. What is not obvious to most translation buyers is that foreign translators are a must whenever translating from English to another language. Know why using a foreign translator outside of the US is actually better than a foreign translator living in the US: Foreign translators

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