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We Translate Documents for All Government Agencies, Municipal, State, and Federal.

Government agencies regularly publish important public service announcements and information that help them fulfill their mission. The United States is a country where multiple languages are spoken, and we are not talking just about Spanish. In this context, government agencies also need to make important information available to speakers of foreign languages.

Hiring a company that specializes in serving government agencies may help you meet your language translation needs easily and on budget.

The Translation Company provides immediate access to professional translation and interpretation services for every government translation need. We employ global subject matter and language experts who will help your agency thrive.

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The 5 Main Reasons Why Language Translation Benefits Government Agencies

Although there are dozens of reasons for a government agency to hire a translation company, these are the 7 most cited reasons why our clients hire us:

1. Meet Your Language Services Mandate

In order to communicate with as many constituents as possible, federal agencies and departments have a mandate from the United States Government to translate documents into multiple languages.

This is true for many agencies operating in sectors such as social services, immigration services, and homeland security. If the government says that you need translation for your key materials into multiple languages so that a large number of people can engage with them, hiring a professional translation company may be the easiest way to satisfy that obligation.

2. Get the Word Out

Even without a mandate for languages, agencies are still expected to meet service goals. Translation services also help your government agency get the word out about important initiatives and informational updates.

For example, for immigration services related to United States citizenship, agencies need to translate their documents into multiple languages to connect with native speakers of the immigrant population.

3. Reduce the Friction

No matter what your agency or department is, communication is one of the main reasons people get confused and become a burden to your customer service personnel. Instructions, manuals, and signs in other languages will help US nationals who speak a language other than English to understand your services and how to best interact with your employees.

4. Engage with Foreign Government Agencies

Your department may also have a goal of connecting with government bodies in other countries that speak a foreign language. Whether you’re in the financial and commerce world or you want to connect with a foreign business, using an experienced translation team is a must.

5. Increase the Use of Self-Service Options

Constituents who can get their needs satisfied on their own is a dream come through for government agencies with tight budgets and a lot to accomplish. Offering service websites in multiple languages dramatically increases adoption among those citizens who speak a native language other than English.

Meeting your Procurement Equity Target

Get premium quality translation services while fulfilling your quota-purchase obligations at the same time. The Translation Company Group is a Certified Women’s Owned Business. We are positioned to satisfy your procurement paperwork needs and are flexible to work with your payment method.

Certified Women’s Owned Business:

Need Certified Translation Services? We Can Help

At the Translation Company, we offer professional translation services for government clients across many sectors. Here are some of the different document translation services that we can offer your organization.

Legal Documents

We’ll help you translate important legal documents into foreign languages so that you can meet your obligations in court with highly-accurate translated information, including:

  • Complaints
  • Memos
  • Deposition paperwork
  • Evidence and discovery
  • And much more

Education and Medicaid Services

We’ll also help you translate resources in the field of health and education. No matter what language you’re targeting and whether you have large volumes of paperwork for translation or not, we have the experience and manpower to get the job done on time and on budget.


Your government body may also need marketing information translated. Whether you have key messages related to public safety or you need language translation for an immigrant population you want to connect with in your community, we’ve got you covered.

Official Documents

Our business can also help with resources related to national security and official communication. We employ discrete and skilled professional translators who pay excellent attention to details so that you can trust our translations every time.

Other Kinds of Government Documents

Our translation services are also available for any other government documents that you may have. Whether you’re in the federal or state government and no matter who your clients or business targets are, we have the resources and communication skills necessary to produce the high-quality translations you need for whatever must be translated.

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#2  Upload your files for an instant translation quote, or
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Why You Need Professional Translators

Translation services for governments are not all created equally. If you want high-quality, accurate translations every time, then you’re going to need a professional translation services team to make it happen. Here are three reasons why.

Accurate Translation Services Every Time

Our translation services are highly accurate every time because we employ the top certified translators from across the globe. We also use a multi-step review process to ensure that no errors make it through our process.

Translation Projects On Your Schedule

Our translation services are tailored to your schedule. If you need something very quickly, we have a large enough team to make it happen. You’ll never miss a deadline when you choose our translation services.

Connect with Speakers of More Languages

Finally, we also offer our services across nearly every language that you can think of. From Spanish and French to Swahili and Mandarin Chinese, we’ll translate any government document into any language that you want

Get in Touch with Us Today to Get Started

If your government body needs to translate important information into another language, you can count on The Translation Company to get the job done. Our skilled team of professionals will help you reach your goals on time and on budget every time.

But don’t take our word for it. Get in touch with us directly to learn more about how we can help today.

How To Get Started

Free Quote

#1  Contact us to get a free quote or questions answered, or
#2  Upload your files for an instant translation quote, or
#3  Schedule a free Zoom meeting with our team now.

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