Global Translation For Life Sciences

Translations for Life Science

As scientific breakthroughs in the Life Sciences industry grow, industries that fall under the Life Sciences umbrella grow and play an increasingly prominent role in improving our world. But for the game changers in these fields to make the most of their work, international collaboration is essential.

To establish relationships with potential clients and industry partners across borders, it’s crucial that life sciences companies adapt their websites and other marketing tools to match the audience they intend to reach. That means, at the very least, making their site available in the languages of the markets they’re targeting.

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The Translation Company has worked with many life sciences corporations in the past. With our years of experience, we understand that website translation services for these clients are a much different undertaking than our average project.

No room for errors in Life Sciences Translation

Science- and health-based companies have very little room for error in the work they conduct each day. Specifically, in the pharmaceutical industry, lists of instructions and ingredients for taking and making medications must be compiled with the utmost precision, as one minor misspelling could jeopardize the health of millions.

Because of this, sensitive information must be translated perfectly. Machine translations are far from accurate, so it’s imperative that all businesses in the life sciences fieldwork with a professional and trustworthy translation company that offers expert human translators – not just machines.

The Translation Company ensures that the translated content we produce not only adheres to the source material precisely but also will be written with the strict regulations of the new target market in mind.

Localizing your website to appeal to a global market

Simply translating your site’s content to appeal to target new audiences isn’t enough to completely internationalize your business. The website must also be visually appealing to the new culture the company is delving into.

In addition to complex medical translations, The Translation Company can also redesign and revamp the back-end of your entire site to maximize its usability for a specific country, just as though it were built for that region originally.

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Translation in the United States

At The Translation Company, we understand that the pharmaceutical industry in the US makes up a large portion of the country’s GDP. Pharmaceutical research is expensive, and a global reach is often required to make up for research and development costs. Therefore, we also understand that each company requiring a pharmaceutical translation in the US expects a flawless and timely result.

There are regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical industry in the US that will require translations to be completed. Since the city is diverse, many instances call for translations on a domestic level for study participants and doctors to correctly understand treatment instructions and documents.

Pharmaceutical Document Translation

Clinical trials are another important part of the pharmaceutical branch of life sciences, and they are expensive to conduct. Studies show that companies from the United States have been outsourcing their clinical trials and conducting them in other countries to save money. Of course, when a trial is conducted in another country, accurate translations are essential. Companies will need translations of:

  • Research documentation
  • Initial clinical trial proposals
  • Research Findings
  • Protocol Studies
  • Journal Articles

With The Translation Company’s help, major companies can conduct their trials without actually being on-site because they trust that the documents are accurate and detailed enough to fully explain the trial. If your pharmaceutical company is looking to conduct clinical trials abroad, The Translation Company is your one-stop-shop for accurate and timely pharmaceutical translations. We will make sure a linguist who is an expert in the medical field takes care of every step of the process, including:

  • Initial translation
  • Localization
  • Final editing

We can also provide the translation necessary for investor contacts and presentations. When you present your ideas to potential investors, document errors will make your company seem less reputable. In turn, your investors will feel less comfortable putting money towards your cause, and you could lose out on thousands of dollars as a result.

Professional Pharmaceutical Translation Experts

Medical translations are some of the most difficult, so our translation experts have real-world experience in producing accurate and reliable translations. Since pharmaceutical translations are often complex, we also make the process easier by allowing you to translate a single document into multiple languages simultaneously. This results in quicker turnarounds and less time wasted on the translation process.

If you’re interested in having your pharmaceutical documents or trials translated, contact our New York office today. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk on your part.

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Translation in San Francisco

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry cannot sacrifice quality to save money. From testing materials and researcher salary to pill distribution, the finances must be organized to meet the needs of the patients comfortably without any errors. For that same reason, companies in the pharmaceutical field cannot choose translation services that are cheap in quality.

Translations are a major part of this industry, and incorrect translations related to pills and medication could cause injury or death. Some documentation that might require translation are as follows:

• User information/guides
• Informational pamphlets
• Marketing materials
• Toxicological, Clinical, biological and pharmacological information
• Packaging

We Offer High-Quality Quick Turnarounds

There is nothing more stressful than working until the very last minute to get a project done on a deadline. In the pharmaceutical industry, things can go wrong at a moment’s notice.

Before you lose out on that major distribution deal or investor meeting because you couldn’t get your documents translated in time, call The Translation Company. Our experienced translators will:
• Assess your specific needs
• Provide quick, high-quality translations
• Material finalization

We Take the Time to Understand

Not all pharmaceutical companies are created equal, and at The Translation Company, we understand that your needs will vary depending on your business and situation.

Though you might be similar to other companies seeking translation in Santa Clara, it does not necessarily mean you are translating for the same reason. We take the time to understand your needs, brand, and requirements of the specific project you’re working on.

If you’re on the west coast and looking for a translation service in the Santa Clara area, The Translation Company is the perfect solution. We offer a range of different translation services tailored to the pharmaceutical industry.

Unlike other translation agencies, we won’t put a translator on your job unless they are qualified to use and understand terms specific to the pharmaceutical industry. That way, there is less room for error.

We Provide More

We don’t just finish your pharmaceutical translation and move on to the next client. Instead, we take the time to proofread your project repeatedly, and we also allow you to review it to make sure you are satisfied.

Additionally, to give your brand the pushes it needs to thrive in its new language market, we can provide:
• Localization services
• Design services
• Promotional services
• Content Creation

There is no better option for businesses interested in pharmaceutical translation in the United States than The Translation Company. We provide optimum service at an affordable price.

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