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You don't need to go to law school to understand how complex various legal systems can be and how important it is that every word of a contract is written in a particular way. While this is certainly difficult enough to do in English, it's extremely burdensome to achieve in multiple languages.

Running legal documentation through a translation machine isn't an option when a single misplaced word could void an entire contract or change an important condition within it. That's why so many attorneys and legal representatives have taken advantage of The Translation Company's expert linguists, who can provide legal translations into more than 250 different languages.

Working with foreign legal systems calls for specialized content

When most people think of what it means to translate legal content for an international audience, likely, they are only acknowledging that the wording needs to be converted. However, legal systems vary dramatically from country to country, and with that, the context of the content also needs to be adjusted during the legal translation process.

It's also important to remember that documentation and content in legal services are oftentimes personal. Because of that, you can't simply hire any translator or translation service to handle this confidential information. The Translation Company offers certified translators who have sworn that the information they work with remains private and doesn't get into the wrong hands.

Additionally, The Translation Company has the ability to take on large-volume legal translation projects. In the legal field, it's not uncommon for a trial to feature parties with hundreds or even thousands of documents. To accommodate that, we employ different technologies to achieve an optimal output at the best possible rate.


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