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We become more connected with people around the world every day. English to Spanish translation has become a daily activity for most of the large companies in the US. Technology has allowed us to communicate with each other from thousands of miles away.  However, it also brings some challenges. One of the major challenges is the need for fast, quality and accurate translation services, since most of the population world-wide does not speak English.

At The Translation Company, we understand that there are a number of industries for which translation services are required in the global landscape.

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Different Verticals Require Different Expertise

Our ability to connect with people around the world is a wonderful thing, but it must be done properly. Without accurate life science industry-specific translation services, these industries would not be able to progress beyond their national standing and no companies would be able to share their ideas on a global scale. If translation was not a part of these industries, we might not have many of the medical and technological advances that we rely on today, because collaboration would have been contained and restricted to each individual country.

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Communication at a Global Level

Translation services allow companies from different industries communicate at a global level, and they can also help corporations present themselves more effectively to potential global clients. Professional translation can be applied to marketing material, websites, documents, contracts, presentations and employee handbooks.

Companies looking to reach out Hispanic markets in the US or markets such as Brazil, Russia, India or China need to partner with an experienced translation company to reach this global audience. With accurate translation from our translation agency, companies like yours can expect more business because their international reach will improve.

Most demanded Language Pairs

Our translation company translates in 200+ languages. So, we get you covered no matter what language you need. This said, some of the most demanded translation language pairs are:

  • English to Spanish
  • English to Portuguese
  • English to Chinese
  • Chinese to English
  • English to Russian
  • As well as Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Spanish to English

Languages such as German, French, Italian and Japanese remain very popular. However, they have been overcome by languages spoken in developing countries being the most famous:

  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • China
  • India

Also know as the BRIC block. Spanish, although not represented in the Bric, is another massively translated language. Spanish translations are required throughout Latin America, Spain, and the United States.


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