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Professional Translation Resources

Guide to Translation Career Guide to Becoming a Freelance Translator Our ’Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelance Translator’ is intended to be your oasis when you need a refreshing knowledge source and feel like you have nowhere else to go.

Translation Jobs & Internships

small-translator-2Translation Jobs & Internship positions The Translation Company is proud of employing the best professionals in the translation industry. Use our smart forms to apply to our open ’Translation Jobs & Internship positions’.

Resources for Translation Buyers

Everything you need to know to buy translation services and get the most for your budget!

Infographics - Types of TranslationTypes of Translation You don’t need to know everything about translation in order to buy them. This said, knowing why “translation” and “interpretation” are different things will make you look better and command respect from translation vendors. Get the ‘Types of Translation’ infographic now!

Infographics - Translation PricingTranslation Pricing It is surprising that so many people don’t get how complex translation projects can get. And, pricing does follow the same line. To learn the most important aspects considered in the pricing process of a translation check our “Translation Pricing” infographic now.

Infographics - 5 Ways to Save Big5 Ways to Save Big Yes, you can simply ask discounts to translation vendors for any reason. Even, if the only reason you can come up with is taking your business elsewhere. Now, if you want to know a little bit more about how to push the right buttons to get the highest discounts possible from translation vendors, ‘5 Ways to Save Big’ is the infographic to read!

Infographics - Avoiding DisasterAvoiding Disaster “Disaster” is not the most pleasant topic. Maybe that’s why this is the last infographic in our series. Anyway, there is a reason why so many “lost in translation” stories are out there. Translation, when not taken seriously, can easily become a business nightmare. Read the ‘Avoiding Disaster’ infographic and make sure you are not the next one!

Culture & Specific Country Knowledge Area

From business etiquette to how to choose the right language variety, you will find in our country knowledge area everything you need to decide on which languages to translate!

The Translation Company

Learn more about our company checking the services we provide and the industries we serve.

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