Portuguese Technical Translation

Technically, We’re Specialized

The Translation Company hires translators, managers, and editors who are technical translation specialists. As a client, you should know that businesses usually do not rely on translations that are not crafted by humans. Liability is a huge issues in technical translations. Such issues could occur if something goes wrong in the translating process. Technical translations are serious business because heavy-duty machinery is at stake which can result in dangerous outcomes. Don't skimp out on who you chose for technical translations. You don't want to be sorry.

Human-crafted Translations

No company wants bogus products, which is why we don’t produce bogus translations. Yes, all of our certified Portuguese translators are human beings. That’s right, our translators do not use fully automatic translations on your documents. Instead, they translate the content first-hand to provide Grade-A results.

Technical Translation Myth (provided by the ATA)

“In technical translation, technical terms pose few translation problems” is a commonly held belief by customers, but this is definitely a myth. Multiple studies have proven this statement to be false on for many reasons such as how complex and terminolgy-driven technical documents are. Technical document must be as clear and accurate as humanly possible to ensure safety and quality.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Accuracy is the main ingredient for successful and quality translations. Technical translations require more precision than other translations because of the amount of detail that must be carefully attended to. Attention to detail to make all the difference with the satisfaction of your clients. You can count on our Portuguese language service to hit pinpoint accuracy on the dot.

Trained in Terminology

Our Portuguese translators and team of professions understand the ins-and-outs of technical terminology. We make sure you and your clients are well taken care of. Technical terms are very specific and should only be translated by trained professions to prevent risks or safety hazards while on the job. But no need to worry; we’ve got technical translations down to a science.

Common Fields That Use Our Translations

Our certified Portuguese translators and project managers are well rounded. This is how we make sure your needs are meet and satisfied. Some of the common fields of business that we are asked to do an a daily basis include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automation
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Civil Planning
  • Electric Engineering
  • Logic Controls
  • Welding and
  • Nuclear Engineering


English to Portuguese & Portuguese to English Document Translation

Some common documents that require companies worldwide to use Portuguese technical translations include, but are not limited to:

  • Design Documents
  • Manuals
  • Program Guides
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Developer's Proposal
  • Brochures
  • White Papers
  • Technical Articles
  • Technical Analysis and
  • Press Release


Trust is a must. The Translation Company doesn’t take client confidentiality lightly. We uphold a strict policy with our Portuguese translators and team members that none of the information you provide us with will be published or disclosed. We offer NDAs (nondisclosure agreements), upon request, to ensure you that your information is safe with us.

Our Clients Return to Us

The Translation Company excels in doing business with clients all over the world. We are internationally acclaimed for having reliable Portuguese translations and service. Our international clients consistently return to us for all their technical translation needs. Additionally, The Translation Company offers advantages that help out our clients. Some advantages include:

  • No VAT taxes for European clients buying from us.
  • Canada and Australia find our prices to be more competitive.
  • Also, our clients from Brazil and South America in general recognize that translation companies from the US provide higher levels of accuracy than other countries.

We’re reliable so you can be reliable.

Translation Examples

Most developed countries will allow a manufacturer to sell a product locally only if there is a user manual available in the local language. This is a trend that exists even in developing countries such as Portugal and France.


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