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We translate documents for the auto industry

The Translation Company Group LLC is on hand to provide highly qualified and trained translators for texts which pertain to automotive engineering, such as manuals, documents, and booklets, within strict specifications. This also includes interpretation services for face-to-face discussions, such as meetings, international conferences on global marketing between car makers and automotive companies, and communicating automotive news.

Some of our Automotive Translation Clients:


Why are we different? Our translators are not only highly trained language specialists, but they also hold a professional background or qualification in the automotive industry, including everything to do with auto manufacturing. This sets us firmly apart because our translators know the terminology, the technical jargon, and the communication methods that occur in this specific industry. That can be the difference between success and failure for a business and its global marketing strategy.

Automotive engineering is big business and has gone global over the last few years, with international conferences occurring regularly. New technology, automotive news, and developments are happening all the time, and this information needs to be passed on to both local and international clients to ensure the smooth running of operations. In this case, a highly trained translator is the person you need.

About the Automotive Industry

The process of automotive engineering is about the creation of automotive parts via electronic and also mechanical methods for use in various modes of transportation, e.g., motorcycles, Heavy Goods Vehicles, regular cars, and buses/coaches. Specialists in the automobile engineering industry work with various international automotive companies and clients, such as big named car companies and vehicle manufacturer brands. Any product created via auto manufacturing needs to be constantly updated and improved to ensure car markers are always one step ahead of the competition.

As with anything in life, automobile engineering requires technological advances to be at the forefront, and this includes developments in safety, ensuring that automotive parts are designed with economical fuel consumption in mind and high levels of performance at all times. Car companies are reaching out to customers with various requirements, so every box has to be ticked for quality as a final product. A vehicle manufacturer, therefore, needs specifications to be translated and communicated to perfection.

The automobile industry is one of the potential industries that has gained from business globalization. Currently, cars of any latest models or makes are available in local markets in different locations around the world. Along with the opening up of the huge market for automobiles, the manufacturers have set up operations in different global locations to cater to the huge customer demand from different regions.

With the opening of operations in different global locations either for manufacturing or marketing of automobiles, the automotive industries require translation of automotive information from the source language to desired target language depending on the region where the information is to be used.


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Some of our past projects related to Automotive Translation

AutoCAD, Diagrams & Specifications

The automotive industry today has to take care of a wide variety of customers from different global locations. The automotive manufacturer needs the documents and information like catalogs, user manuals, service manuals, training manuals, diagnosis manuals, technical bulletins, newsletters, white papers, websites, marketing materials, information CD ROMs, etc. in the local native language of the customer.

Manuals, Guides & Technical Bulletins

The documents like diagnosis manuals and technical bulletins require automotive translators with deep academic knowledge and language skills. However, the other types of information do not involve highly technical terms and are comparatively easy for a specialist in automotive translation.

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Professionals providing engineering translation services should have a working knowledge of certification processes like the ISO. This is mainly required because almost all of the automotive manufacturers today are ISO certified, and they prefer to adhere to the same standards in providing translated information as well.

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