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Software Translation Services

If your business or organization is ready to target new markets across the world, it is crucial that you're able to adapt your strategy to appeal to your new audiences. In order to do that, your products, website and software must be modified as well. That means taking into consideration the culture and, of course, the language of the client base that you're targeting.

It's difficult enough for businesses to translate and localize their website for their growing target markets, but doing so for software is quite complicated. Software translation and localization means a lot more than just swapping English content with Spanish content, as the entire program needs to be revamped, from the coding to the license agreements.

The Importance of Thorough Software Localization Services

While other software localization services may simply translate the text of your program that its users see, The Translation Company will go through the software in its entirety, remodeling it as though it were originally built for the new market you're targeting. Moreover, if you decide to make any additional changes to the software in the future, it's crucial that the entire program is localized properly.

To better understand the importance of having The Translation Company work with you on your next software localization and translation project, you must also understand what goes into it and the issues that could arise by not giving the detailed attention it needs.

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What a Software Translation involves

Software translation has a specific set of files and documents. The main categories of assets involved in a software translation are:

The Software Translation process

Changing the language seen by the software's user is only one step in a long process of localization and translation. Our very first objective is work with you to thoroughly understand your business, its strategy, the software you would like us to work with, why you would like to target the new market you're localizing for and how you would like to do it with this software.

Once both sides are comfortable with the specific plan we have in place, we'll begin the translation process. On the surface, this means that we'll change the visible language of the software, taking into consideration the different dialects, including industry lingo and terminology.

There's far more to the process than that, however, as we'll also translate user interface coding, legal disclaimers, error codes, read me files, and other important items. And don't forget, translation for a new market doesn't just mean changing the language, different countries have their own tax and legal regulations, currency, copyright laws and address formats, among many other specific discrepancies.

User Interface Translation

The interface of your software, while perhaps perfectly designed for an American market, may not necessarily appeal to a Chinese audience. With that in mind, The Translation Company can adjust the program and any graphics, forms and other media so that they are appropriate for your new market.

The Translation Company takes the time to ensure that all of the intricacies of each market are considered and accounted for. As a result, your company will be presented professionally and, consequently, your customers are comfortable with your software and your business.

Localizing doesn't end when the software is translated

We understand how important is for our clients to gauge the value of localizing their software. That's why we can assist in assessing the ROI of any of our translation projects. With that, your business can budget for further localization, explain the value of these projects to your shareholders, compare your work to that of your competitors and use translation as a corporate performance indicator.

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