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Website Translation

When an American business opens up a new office in China, the aesthetics of the building are certainly going to be a bit different in order to appeal to Eastern culture. Furthermore, the way that branch of the company runs its day-to-day business must be adapted to its setting in order to thrive in that particular market.

Similarly, expanding your company's online presence to target markets in other countries and languages must be an all-encompassing project. From its appearance to the content, a website needs to be both textually and visually appealing to the culture you're targeting - both of which can be remedied by The Translation Company.

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Our Website Translation Approach

Translating websites requires a specific methodology. The main stages in our website translation approach area

  1. Strategy Review
  2. Project Setup
  3. Translation, Editing, and Proofreading
  4. Testing
  5. Quality Assurance

Some of the Website Translation Projects we handle on a daily basis

One of the main characteristics of a website translation project is the existence of multiple file formats. Some of the website projects we handle daily at the company:

We offer translation services for WordPress and Joomla CMS websites. Blogs and shopping cards are also translated by our company on a regular basis.

There are plenty of website translation companies that will simply change the language of your current content with translation software. Keep in mind that your site will not grow and improve its visibility in search engine results in the new market you're targeting if there isn't fresh content being produced regularly in that language. Also, native speakers are going to recognize that translation was done by a machine, as grammatical and contextual errors are certainly going to be plentiful.

The Translation Company doesn't simply use a program that will translate your business's website. We provide human translators who are versed in over 250 languages, as well as a web development team that can take on any product, large and small, including a complete redesign of your website to appeal to the new market. Because you want your website to thrive and grow, your relationship with The Translation Company doesn't end after we complete an initial website translation or redesign.

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The Importance of On-going Website Translation Services

Search engines are continuously scanning websites for fresh content and industry-relevant information. If your business's website is producing unique, well-written content on a regular basis, search engines will recognize your business as an authority and, consequently, your site will show up higher in search results for terms related to your products and services.

Additionally, it's important that the content on your site is user-friendly and easy to comprehend. With that, your visitors will see that you are a business they can trust, and as a result, they will share links to your site, further improving your visibility from both an organic and SEO standpoint.

Website Translation Available from The Translation Company

When your company requests website translation from The Translation Company, it is merely beginning what is certain to be a prosperous, long-term relationship. Our expert translators will continually update the content of your main site to the language(s) of your choosing, as well as taking on all of the publishing and maintenance that is necessary. The Translation Company can also host your website and take care of its content management system.

If your website needs a complete redesign, programming or any other technical or structural work, be sure to visit our Web Development page to see the services we offer.

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We understand that your particular needs are unique to your goals, and because of that, we put an emphasis on customization. No matter what your business needs to build its online presence in a new language, The Translation Company will take on the project efficiently and thoroughly.

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