How to Choose a Translation Vendor

So many businesses these days find themselves needing translation services for various documents.  The business world is constantly shrinking, and more and more technologies are introduced daily, making it easier than ever to conduct business across the globe.

Suppose you are in a business trying to expand into other countries. In that case, it is imperative that your marketing and business documents are perfectly translated into your target country’s language – and that any documentation, especially legal, that is in a different language is translated into English so you can be sure you completely understand the information.

It is easy to incorrectly translate a word or phrase, which can completely change the message of a document – and that is a large risk for any company to take!

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Even if you conduct your business only in the U.S. and have no plans to expand abroad, you will likely require the services of a language translation company at some point.

Many individuals in the U.S. moved here from another country, and English may be their second language.  Perhaps you are trying to grow your business and would like to increase your share in the Hispanic segment.

Running ads in various languages, such as Spanish or Chinese, can help you reach a wider audience.

Perhaps you work in a business that requires clients to submit personal documentation, such as birth certificates, educational degrees, and transcripts, bank statements, medical records, etc.

If any of your clients submit documentation to you in a different language, you can quickly and easily have it translated by our company.

How Do I Pick a Reliable Language Translation Company?

Some important factors to consider when selecting a language translation company:

·         Reputation – Does this company have many satisfied customers, and in what field are most of their references focused?  Are they willing to provide references upon request?

You want to pick a translation service with experience in your field, ideally in its different sub-areas.  The Translation Company has thousands of satisfied clients in many fields (see our clients).

We have experience translating many types of documents for different purposes and are happy to provide client references in your industry.

·         Reliability – What type of turnaround does the service offer?  Do they have enough staff to handle your needs, and how do you know they can translate the language/document you need?

Our Website lists the many languages we can translate, along with reviews addressing our commitment to accuracy and customer service.

Our translators are well-trained and fluent in the language they translate.  Plus, The Translation Company works with you to meet your deadlines.  We don’t tell you when we’ll complete your job – you tell us when you need it!

·         Resources – Will the translation service be able to handle anything you need to be done?  Do they keep abreast of industry developments?

The Translation Company is constantly working to ensure our translators are top-notch.  We regularly participate in training seminars and are members of professional translation organizations, which provide us with valuable information and updates on the translation industry.

The Translation Company works hard to ensure we meet all of our customers’ needs; that’s why we can offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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