Aviation Translation

Woman Pilot Sitting in Cabin of plane.

The Aviation industry always has been a multinational type of industry. Aviation translation has been in existence almost from since international airlines were introduced in the global market.

The aviation industry involves aspects like:

  • airline advertisement
  • Internet promotion campaigns
  • ticketing
  • airline magazines provided on board
  • audio-visual-printed instructions given to the customers on board
  • crew and cabin training materials
  • aircraft drawings
  • freight documentation
  • entertainment multimedia interfaces and subtitles
  • websites
  • All aviation business documents requiring translation of information from one language to the desired target language.

An Ever-Growing Industry

In the modern era the aviation industry has been developing non-stop. Aviation companies go global and look out for markets across geographical boundaries. With the increase in operations of business in various global locations has boosted the number of travelers to foreign destinations.

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Translation as a Competitive Advantage in Aviation

On the other hand the competitions in the business has been growing that is making the players in the ring apply new techniques for reduction in operation cost and provide value added services so as to attract maximum clients. For reducing cost one of the steps taken by the aviation industry is by hiring cheap labor from foreign countries and training them with the requisite skills. This also creates a room for aviation translation with respect to training course translation.

Aviation Marketing & Advertisement

Aviation translation of promotional tools likes advertising shown on the LCD screens inside an aircraft should be bilingual. For e.g. in Egypt Airlines the information and advertisement on the LCD displays is in Arabic (Egypt’s local language) as well as in English language. Because of this the instructions given are understood by bigger number of customers than just the one’s who can speak the local native language. Such types of ads and instructions in aviation business require translation services for translating the ads and instructions to an alternate language as well.

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Translation of Entertainment & Multimedia

The entertainment programs like movies or documentaries displayed in aircraft require sub titles or voice over in alternate languages than native languages, as it has now become a common expectation by the customers. The other forms of aviation translation includes the translation of various information boards in an aircraft that exhibit the do’s and don’t in an aircraft. To overcome the scarcity of pilots in some countries foreign pilots are hired. In such cases the training courses require translation specifically if they are in native languages.

Aviation & Regulation Requirements

In several countries the foreign airliners require clearance of various formalities with the local aviation department for e.g. Federal Aviation Administration in US. This process may require translation of documents for an Airline that has documents in language other than English.


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