Engineering Translation

Components and accessories for electrical installations and construction diagrams of house

One of biggest share of the translation industry is of engineering translation.

Main engineering translation fields:

  • Aeronautical
  • Automobile
  • Civil
  • Chemical
  • Electronics,
  • Electrical
  • Others such as Marine and Computer Hardware

Every field has its own market and demands translators to be multilingual along with the ability to localize information from the source language to the target language. in the respective engineering branch.

Engineering translation generally involves translation of instructions, technical specifications, user manuals, technical reports, newsletters, brochures, patent applications, textbooks, Encyclopedias and patent applications. In case of software engineering it involves localization of software’s, e-learning courses, and websites as well.

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Every branch of engineering translation involves translation of text, diagrams, charts etc depending on whether the document to be translated is a report or encyclopedia or something else. As images have a universal acceptance the main translation skills are required in transforming text and notations.

The most skilled branch of engineering translation is the Aeronautical – Aerospace engineering translation. In this type of translation, the terms involved are highly technical and a translator working in this area really needs to understand the subject thoroughly only after that the translator can get accurate translation done.

Most of the terms do not have equivalent words in the target local language, as many languages do not add terms at the depth of such a skilled field. Hence in some cases translators have to incorporate English words in target language to complete the translation. Aerospace/aeronautical engineering translation is the highest paid translation than all other branches of engineering translation.

Automobile engineering translation

The global automobile industry has increased in leaps and bounds in last decade. The various leading manufacturers of cars are crossing boundaries of almost every possible country, and as a result, taking a bite of the market share in every country. This has created a wide market from east to west for every automobile manufacturer. This, in return, has created the need for automobile translation on a wide scale in order to localize the models of these companies in various markets.

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Booming in Business

In the 21st century, computer and software engineering have created a big bang in businesses. Every country on the globe, big or small, has witnessed the technology revolution. Engineering translation has created numerous opportunities for translators all over the globe because of the new easy and cheap communication method of the Internet. Computer and software engineering are continuously growing fields with new software, websites, tools, and e-learning courses that are been introduced in the market every day.

Thus one just can’t imagine the potential this field has and the developments that engineering translation is undergoing with time. The computer software engineering has not only given opportunities for the translators to make money but also tools for fast execution of work.


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