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Smartphone and tablet apps are used all over the world. If your company isn’t releasing your apps globally yet, you’re missing out on a major source of revenue. Instead of limiting your app’s sales to your own country, you could be reaching out to an international market and making double or triple the amount of money you’re making now. Not only will you receive revenue from the app itself, but you’ll also build your brand name and reputation across the world.

To reach an international audience, you’ll first need to make sure the app is properly translated. Our translation agency offers app translations that are both accurate and localized. When you translate your app, you’ll also need to make sure that the currency and graphics match the target countries’ format and cultural standards. For that reason, we are careful to assign translators that are up-to-date with the local area trends.

Translated Apps for a Global Market

You’ll see a lot of improvement in your company when you work with our translation agency to develop a translated app. Whether you’re translating to one language or several, we can help you get the job done quickly and correctly.

Some of the benefits you get after translating your app to other markets:
• Increased advertising revenue
• Increased download revenue
• An expanded base of customers and users
• Requests for services or products in other countries (global expansion)
• More app downloads and more investor support
• More press from global media sources

All of these benefits will enhance your brand’s reputation and lead to more money in the long run. Even if your app does not necessarily make sense in the target culture, translation and distribution might be worth it. In many cases, users will enjoy it as long as the cultural context is translated correctly.

Why The Translation Company is Superior for App Translation

All of the translations completed by the translators from our agency are accurate and fast. Still, we are also proficient in the total translation and localization of smartphone and iPhone apps.

When you choose The Translation Company for app translations, you can expect:
• Error-free translations for apps dealing with any industry or subject
• Fast turnarounds for strict and sudden programmer deadlines
• The use of fine-tuned technology to ensure that all characters and graphics will be accurately displayed on any device

It’s time that you made your business’ app available on a global scale. To get started, call The Translation Company and talk to one of our translators today. When you distribute your app to a wider market, you’ll see an increase in revenue and an improvement to your brand’s image, which is invaluable.

Our translation agency will make sure your app is flawless and localized so that people in your target culture will know how much you care about them as customers.

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