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For Manufacturers World-Wide

Manufacturing translation is the process of translating highly technical documents from the manufacturing industry into the target language so that industry professionals can understand them. To mass-produce a product, factories must have clearly delineated instructions that provide all necessary technical specifications.

Manufacturing translation requires real-world experience in the manufacturing industry, along with strong linguistic skills and a thorough understanding of all aspects of cultural life in the target country.

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While people believe that manufacturing translation is simply a direct word-for-word translation, it requires more information than a direct translation.

We Translate Documents for Manufacturers

  • Measurements
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Industry Lingo and
  • Marketing Materials
  • Packaging and labeling

Some translation projects also require knowledge of the manufacturing system is applied:

  • Agile manufacturing
  • American & English systems of manufacturing
  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Mass customization
  • Mass production
  • Putting-out system
  • Rapid manufacturing

For these reasons, specific knowledge of the subject and target language is mandatory.

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The necessity of Manufacturing Translation

Manufacturing translation allows a business to grow internationally, an important aspect since many manufacturing companies have a presence in more than one country. Success at global expansion requires expansion into foreign markets.

As world markets shrink, it becomes more crucial for businesses to use foreign production lines to get the best possible prices, which requires communication in the native language.  In many countries, the price of domestic manufacturing is higher than what can be found in foreign markets.

Going global

Businesses need manufacturing translation to communicate with foreign countries to bring products to market successfully. Translation of specifications, which include all necessary information to produce the product according to industry standards for the target country and keep production on schedule, is needed.

Products regularly enter the market, yet production delays can cause companies to miss out on opportunities. Delays in state-of-the-art productions allow other companies to get similar products to market, severely curtailing potential profits.

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Real Industry Experience Yields Quality Translations

Using a translation service that only hires translators with real-world experience allows companies to provide industry-specific and accurate translations. For example, if an assembled document does not have numerical values for measurements converted to the appropriate system, the results can be completely different than anticipated.

If a company manufactures a product that has no market in a target country, it would not need translation for that country. To illustrate, cows are sacred in the Hindu culture, so you would not market a product such as a software product that lets a rancher track heads of cattle and breeding records. A reputable manufacturing translation company will be able to provide that information to prevent potential business losses.

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The Translation Company only hires native translators with real-world experience in the related industry. This is the only way to ensure quality translation and accurate results.

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