Hired Spanish Translators Assist New Students

Some school systems in the United States seem to turn a blind eye to students who do not speak English as their first language. They neglect the needs of these students and they don’t offer any help to the parents who can’t understand the teachers at all. Other schools reach out to embrace this diversity and offer as much help as possible. One such school system is in Concord, Missouri. These Spanish translators assist two brothers that have just moved to the community. One of the brothers will be going into elementary school, and the other will be entering high school. The two boys speak no English.

The School System is Embracing the Diversity

In the town of Concord, MI, there are very few residents who come from outside the area. Therefore, students and teachers alike are excited to get to know the two brothers and learn more about their culture. With the assisted English to Spanish translation, other students have already been embracing their new friends and taken advantage of the opportunity to learn more about life outside their small town.

Translators Assist Even Beyond the Walls of the Schools

The school district decided to hire three translators so that a temporary translator could be dedicated to each boy in his own school. They were hired to help integrate the boys into their new groups of friends and allow them to make friends and meet their teachers more easily. Once the boys feel comfortable, these two translators will end their contracts, and the permanent translator will take over. However, the school system has granted the temporary translators the ability to extend their contracts if necessary. In an act of true dedication, the permanent translators assist the brothers in their home with their homework, and will be reporting back to the family about their progress. The work is certainly above and beyond that of any generic Spanish translation agency.

The dedicated Spanish translation services offered by the Concord school district for two brothers are outstanding, and they serve as proof that some towns do still care to embrace differences and learn from others. Instead of turning these boys away or forcing them to learn the language on their own, this school district took it upon themselves to help. Hopefully, other school districts around the country will follow their lead.


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