French language schools in the United States

French language is spoken by over five million people in the United States. In fact, more than double this population claim to be descendants of the French settlers who founded the French colonies. This history makes it clear that the French language has existed in United States for centuries. The French dialect spoken in major parts of the United States is similar to the Standard French dialect spoken in Paris.

The State of Louisiana has the highest concentration of French speaking people. It was an old French colonial location in United States. This state has been able to retain some of the features of its earlier French dialect, which has some variations from the Standard French dialect as spoken in Paris. There are three dialects of French in the State of Louisiana, according to the claims of several linguists. Apart from the Louisiana French dialects, one can also find Quebec French speakers in the United States. Regardless of these variable French dialects spoken generally by a small French minority, the Standard French dialect is mainly taught in the schools, colleges and universities of the United States.

Before Spanish gained a higher significance, the French language was the favorite foreign language of students in the United States. Today, it still holds the position of being the second foreign language that is mostly preferred to learn by students. French language schools teach French right from the pre-school level. There are French language schools in nearly every part of the United States. There are more than thirty private French primary schools in the United States that generally have preschool students as well.

Some of the French language schools in the United States are:

1)International School of Louisiana
2)Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley in California
3)The Language Academy, San Diego
4)International School of Arizona
5)International School of Tucson
6)French American International School in Oregon
7)French American School in Sunnyvale, California
8)French Immersion School of Washington DC
9)Portland French School in Oregon
10)Ecole Bilingue de la Nouvelle in New Orleans, Louisiana
11)Audubon Charter school in New Orleans, Louisiana
12)Alliance Francaise of San Francisco, California
13)Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, California

Nearly all of these schools teach French language from the preschool level. Students here respond well to their French lessons, as shown by their full class rosters.

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