Language schools in China

The official language of the People's Republic of China is Putonghua / Guoyu, more commonly known as "Mandarin". In Singapore, this language is referred to as "Huayu". Mandarin is based on the Beijing dialect. The aim of the Government is to make use this as the standard means of communication. Mandarin is now being by Government agencies and schools. Several language schools in China have emerged, making it possible for almost anyone to learn the language.

Chinese Mandarin Language School

Located in the Haidian district in Beijing, the aim of this language school in China is to provide its students with professional and efficient training. Since 16 years, the Chinese Mandarin Language School has successfully helped students, professionals and executives to achieve their respective learning objectives.

The school boasts of state-of-the-art facilities. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia and advanced computing technologies. A comfortable student lounge, equipped with a large screen TV, and comfortable sofas is the ideal place for relaxing and socializing. A small class size, competitive fee structure and career consultation for job opportunities make this language school in China popular amongst students.

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Keats School

The Keats School is another reputed language school in China. This school aims to provide intensive short-term Chinese language courses to overseas students. Conveniently located near one of Kunmings central business districts, this language school in China is a short walk away from restaurants, cafes, and bars. Other hot spots are accessible from this language school in China by cab or bus.

The school boasts of teachers, all of who have received professional training at Beijing Language University. The teaching material is approved by Beijing Language University Press. The teachers speak Mandarin Chinese and English with equal fluency. One-on-one training is provided in this language school in China. Besides the curriculum, this language school in China also focuses on teaching students about Chinese painting and Beijing opera.

Easyou Chinese Center

Another language school in China is the Easyou Chinese Center located in Beijing. This center offers much more than a traditional Chinese course. The course is a rich blend of international and intercultural experience, and it aimed to develop wide range of language and communication skills.

With a small class size of 4-6 students, Easyou ensures personal attention to every student. This language school in China offers options for both crash courses, and Chinese comprehensive courses. On completion of the course, this language school in China awards the students with a Easyou certificate.

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Chinese Schools in the USA

In recent times, Chinese language has been growing in popularity in western countries. Hence it comes as no surprise that the popularity of Chinese schools in the USA has been increasing tremendously. A number of Chinese schools in the USA have now started teaching the language (of various dialects).Of these dialects, Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese Chinese are the ones that are most taught in these schools.

One of the Chinese schools in the USA is the Hua Xia Northern Chinese School. Located in New Jersey, this school offers  Chinese classes on Saturdays. Established in 1995, this is one of the Chinese schools in the USA which is a non-profit organization.  This school is located at 151 Fairview Avenue, Verona, NJ, and is registered in the state of New Jersey. The objectives of the school are to teach Chinese language, and promote Chinese culture.

The Berryessa Chinese School, located in San Jose is another one of the Chinese schools in the USA that has been teaching the Chinese language and culture to students since 1980. This school holds classes in both Cantonese and Mandarin dialects and caters to students from pre-K to 12th grade. They also offer cultural classes for students as well as adults. Their cultural classes range from Chinese calligraphy and painting to martial arts and soccer.

The Chinese School of Southern Westchester is another school that aims at teaching Mandarin Chinese to students from PreK to12th grade as well as adults. The focus of this school is also to promote the learning of Chinese culture and traditions.

With time, Chinese schools in the USA have evolved from small private, one-room schools to more dynamic and practical institutions. These schools are gaining recognition and are serving the needs of both the Chinese community and mainstream American society.

Chinese schools in the USA should continue to seek national recognition and strive to contribute towards learning the Chinese language and culture in United States.


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