AT&T to Trial Spanish Translation Services

While you might want to learn the native language of a colleague or even a family member, learning a language takes a lot of time and is a major commitment. At the same time, you probably don’t want to let your relationship fall flat and fade away simply because you don’t speak the same language well. This sentiment is exactly why AT&T is in the trial period for a new service that translates text messages automatically. If you registered your language as Spanish with the service, any English text messages will automatically come through as a Spanish translation.

Development Team Admits there Could be Errors

As with all automated and computerized translation services, the development team admits that there might be some errors in the messages. Hopefully, these errors won’t completely change the intent of the message, and readers will still be able to get the general idea. Of course, if the service makes a simple error such as sending a message such as “when will you be house tonight?” there is a good chance the recipient will know exactly what it means. While these errors might be inconvenient, the team hopes that they will still make life easier for people communicating with others than speak a different language. They can simply read the message instead of leaving the messaging session to use third party Spanish translation services.

Translation Soon to Expand and Include More Languages

AT&T is testing the popularity of the translation service with Spanish to English translations and vice versa for now. This is their largest minority customer base, so if it will be popular at all, it will be popular for this crowd. However, if this proves to be successful, the phone service provider will expand and include translation text messages for more languages. While the service will certainly help people bridge language barriers and communicate more effectively, AT&T will benefit greatly as well. By offering the service, they can gain a wider customer base across multiple languages, and they also make their service more attractive over others.

While we certainly wouldn’t recommend using AT&T’s text message Spanish translator for important conversations or business deals, it is certainly a revolutionary way for people from different backgrounds to communicate. The service will connect people who otherwise would not be able to hold a conversation between them, which can open up new opportunities in life, business, and friendship.


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