Japanese company looks overseas to continue sushi success

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Yen Ongoing Fall

Over the last six months, the yen has seen an 18 percent decline, which, when paired with the rising global popularity of sushi, is proving to be good news for Suzumo Machinery Co. The Japan-based business is the country’s leading producer of automatic sushi-making machines.

Suzumo president Ikuya Oneda said in an interview with Bloomberg that, with a weaker yen, it will be even easier to conduct business overseas. Specifically, he said Suzumo expects to triple overseas sales from the last fiscal year to as many as 3,000 units and is boosting manufacturing capacity to meet demand in foreign markets.

“Sushi is becoming popular, not just because of being a healthy choice but also for being inexpensive,” Oneda told the news source. “Our machines are helping reduce labor costs (for clients).”

The Sushi Business

The sushi business has been increasingly successful over the years, and Suzumo opened an office in California in 2006, which employs around 260 people, according to Bloomberg. Additionally, the Japan External Trade Organization said that, from 2005 to 2010, the number of Japanese restaurants in the United States surged by more than 50 percent to 14,129.

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