Why Building a Relationship with a Translation Company

Relationship building and trust are a crucial part of business success, particularly with translation companies. The goal of translation companies is to provide accurate translations in the minimum amount of time. The better the relationship between the client and translation company the more likely a complete and satisfied translation will be the result.

When clients work with the same representative or account manager over multiple orders, communicate becomes more clear and easier to understand the client’s history, expectations and intentions for the future.

Benefits of Relationship Building

When you work with the same professionals for any length of time, you have an opportunity to build trust and faith in them. Translation companies that work with the same clients again and again are able to provide services tailored to their demands.

Translation companies keep records of all translations performed for a specific client, which allows them to quickly and easily reference earlier translations to ensure consistency over time. This service can also allow faster turn around times, as some terminology will already be entered into the content management software used by translation companies.

Another advantage is added leverage and fidelity rewards. To illustrate, a translation service might be hesitant to offer a rush service to a new client. For long term and trusted clients they might be more likely to have their documents translated ahead of other scheduled translations in an emergency setting.

Fidelity perks are also usually offered by translation companies who like to enjoy mutual satisfaction with their clients.

Changing Translation Companies Can Cost You Money

Many translation projects are long term like business endeavors. Projects like software localization can span months at a time, and translating instruction manuals or large documents is also a considerable time investment.

When you start with one company and then switch part of the way through the project, you can create errors in consistency. Different translators will translate the same phrase differently in the target language. Both translations may be technically correct, but the important thing for translation is consistency.

An example of what can happen when you change translation companies mid-project would be the instructions for installation of a software program. Instruction A might say click next to continue, while instruction B might say click the arrow to continue.

While both of these instructions are technically correct, the difference between them can create confusion for the end user.  Test it out for yourself. Stick with quality translation companies from start to finish and enjoy an accurate and consistent product.

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