Certification in Business Translation

A certified translation means a document that has been legally certified by the translation company so it is accepted by courts, government, and others.

Some translation companies advertise ‘certified translation services’ but do not understand the different certification requirements that vary from country to country and even department to department.

Certified Translator vs. Certified Translation

A certified translator is a requirement to produce a document that can be certified, but being a certified translator does not automatically certify the document.

For a document translation to be certified, it must pass industry standards and follow certain steps.

There are various levels to the certification process, so be sure that you know the certification level your project requires before contracting a specific translation service. 

Know what questions to ask regarding certification, which you can’t do unless you know the level you are looking for.

Use certified translators ensure that you receive quality translation services and nothing gets “lost in translation.”

No matter what level of certification you need, The Translation Company is home to all the resources and experts to finish the job right.

Translation Certification Levels

Most certifications are fairly easy to achieve.  The first levels only require the signature, contact information, and assurance of the translator. 

The next level of certification is notarization. In the United States, it is fairly easy to obtain notarization since notary public’s are lay notaries.

For a business translation to be certified, it must be notarized in the country for which it is intended, as well as the country of origin.

In cases where you need notarization internationally, it is often cost-effective and timely to retain a translation service in the designated country. This will allow the translation service to obtain the notarization for you and provide a second level certified business translation.

Also, in the United States, it is sometimes necessary to go one step beyond a notary signature.  If you intend to get an Apostille certification for your official business translation, you may also need to get county clerk certification before applying for an Apostille certification.

The Translation Company conveniently offers all of these services because we know how beneficial they are and how much stress we can spare our clients if we do so.

Apostille Certification

Apostille certification is the highest level of certification available, and it is intended to legalize documents for international purposes. Many countries have signed the Apostille treaty and participate in the streamlined legalization process, making the process easier for everyone involved.

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