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Keeping accurate books with document translation services

This blog has previously discussed the importance of businesses of all sizes having strong record keeping practices. Especially when expanding into a new country, entrepreneurs must ensure that all financial documents are in proper order. A failure to account for even a seemingly minute detail could lead a company toward heavy fines and issues with taxes.

For example, Japan’s Olympus Corp is trying to bounce back after the company lost 80 percent of its value in the months following a $1.7 billion accounting fraud. Currently, the organization is one-quarter above its pre-scandal level, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Trouble in the Medical Equipment Business

Olympus wants to raise shares to expand its medical devices business and rebuild its financial health. The company explained in a statement this week that shares will be offered mainly to overseas investors in the United States and Europe.

“Olympus became entangled in one of Japan’s biggest accounting scandals in October 2011 as its British chief executive turned whistleblower and revealed details of investment losses the camera and medical equipment company hid for decades,” the article explained.

Medical Translation Services

Additionally, Olympus controls roughly 70 percent of the global market for gastrointestinal endoscopes and has plans to sell 4 million of its own common stock, a majority of which will go through SMBC Nikko Capital Markets, UBS Limited and Morgan Stanley.

Even if a business is not looking into overseas markets, it is crucial that all medical-related documents are detailed and accurate. Partnering with a translation agency that specializes in professional medical document translation can help account for all medical paperwork. While not all companies will experience a financial issue the size of Olympus, professional translation services will ensure that nothing is overlooked and an organization can find success in a new country. Whether you need medical or health care translation services we got you covered.

How can document translation benefit healthcare?

It is essential for medical facilities to reach all of their patients, and have reliable channels through which to relay information to them. With technology evolving, there are more options available to contact patients, but what happens if they speak a different language? And, the Obamacare program has created even more demands related to documents to be translated.

Whether information is being given to patients through physical documents or through online records, it is important that those individuals can read in a language that is comfortable for them. Relying on standard machine translation could leave some patients in the dark, as a full translation will not necessarily have been provided.

Medical Records

Lorena Roldan is one such patient. Originally from Columbia, Roldan now resides in South Florida, but she explained to local news source WLRN that when she checks her medical records online she doesn’t always understand them. While there is the option to read her information in Spanish, Roldan said that various dialects are not accounted for.

“Sometimes the words are completely different for a person from Cuba and a person from Colombia, or for an Argentinean and a Mexican,” she said.

Dr. Kenneth Goodman, the director of the bioethics program at the University of Miami, suggested to WLRN that as medical records continue to go digital and more facilities turn to paperless options, there could be an increase in languages and dialects in healthcare applications (The Translation Company provides Portuguese and Spanish medical translation services among other languages).

Health Care Translations

Even accents will differ from one language to the next, Goodman said, which could eventually call for a need of dialect-specific mobile applications.

As hospitals and other facilities work to streamline workflow while still offering quality care, partnering with quality health care translation services could be greatly beneficial. The right translation company can guarantee that language subtleties are not overlooked, which will keep information accurate as it is given to patients.

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