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What is Health Care?

Health care is related to all activities of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, injuries, and other health impairments. Providers of health care include: dentists, midwives, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, and other health professionals. Health care is a sector highly intensive in terms of medical translations.

Requirements for Health Care Translations

Medical translation services to be used in the realm of health care must be provided by expert translators experienced in life sciences. In the United States, some of the main pair languages translated in the health care industry are:

  • Certified legal translation: some health care translations may need certification to be used in court and by government authorities.
  • Chinese document translation: due to the large number of Chinese people immigrating to the US, more and more health records are being translated from Chinese into English. It is important to note that translation services from China are not accepted by authorities in the US
  • Sworn translation service: in some cases, a court will subpoena a medical translator to ‘sworn translate’ a health-related document before the judge.
  • Spanish to English translation services: are probably the main language pair in medical translation due to a large number of Hispanic people in the US

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Expert translators for Health Care Documents

Expert medical translators working in the health care industry have been in high demand. Aside from the traditional needs for this kind of medical translation, the Obama Care program has generated a need for new documents, revision of existing documents, and all kinds of documentation being medically translated for the main languages spoken in the US by immigrants:

  • Spanish: usually provided by a ‘certified Spanish translator’.
  • Chinese: is one of the languages being translated by ‘legal translation companies’.
  • Russian: Russian to ‘American’ translation like some Russians say
  • French: translation services from French to English usually provided to Canadians from the Quebec area
  • Portuguese: Brazilian Portuguese translation being the most common.

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