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document translation services

Document translation differs from oral translation, which is also called interpretation. In our company, your documents' content is translated by translators who specialize in subject matters such as legal services, technical fields, business, or medical sciences. Most of these translations require no certification. Some translations to be used in courts, immigration, college, or employment may require a certification by the translator or translation company doing the job.

We Translate Important Documents

Tips for translating important business documents:

  1. Avoid machine translation such as 'Google Translate' and 'Microsoft Translator' for important documents
  2. If you just need to know the content of a document and accuracy is not required, then a free online document translator may be helpful.
  3. Professional document translation services are expensive, so allocate time to decide wich documents require a human translation service.
  4. Machine translation is still far from perfect. Whenever you see a 'translate button,' it means you are trusting your content to a machine incapable of understanding context and correctly translate language nuances.

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Our company is a Certified Women's Owned Business:

Documents translated by our company daily:

  • business documents
  • legal documents
  • technical documents
  • medical documents

If a document was defined by its medium ("paper") in the past, this is not possible any longer. Electronic files are increasingly taking over as the most common form of document being translated by companies. If your company handles large volumes of content, you may want to consider document automation technologies.

See also supported document formats: 

Top Translators

Forget about machine translation! We provide professional translations ready to be used in your business. Our translations are proofread and carefully crafted by experienced translators so you can use them worry-free.

Be careful with cheap translations and providers who won't provide references in your industry. Getting the wrong translation company may cost you a lot more than you think (avoid translation disasters). Avoid the mental anguish that can come with litigation that may arise from a poor translation. That’s why you need the document translation services of a company that has the experience and professional staff to do your job quickly and correctly.

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You may need these services for other business documents, whether in the cloud or as part of a business or legal case documentation.

Quality Warranty

When considering which company’s document translation services are right for you, you should look for a company with both the experience and the range of services that today’s businesses need the most.

Thanks to our combination of diligent service, accurate translation, and efficient delivery, The Translation Company has become a major translation name for global clients—including prestigious law firms, governmental organizations, and financial companies in New York City and San Francisco Bay Area. When you need a fast, reliable, professional translation of documents, look no further.

Our document translators have the experience and qualifications to offer the broadest range of legal, business, and specialty translations available today. That’s why The Translation Company has become the document translation company of choice for businesses whose success depends on reliable translation services.

Translation of documents: some actual samples

Some common types of documents: a court order, a birth certificate, and a banknote (click to enlarge).

Translated Document 1Translated Document 2Translated Document 3

Top Document Translation, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Besides offering a translation of documents into over 200 foreign languages translated, the Translation Company's expert translators also offer various services, including proofreading, graphic design, notarization, county clerk, apostille, and more! And our project managers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are happy with the progress made on your materials.

It is not just about a fast turnaround. Our clients are satisfied with our translation of documents because we guarantee 100% satisfaction on our projects. This guarantee includes unlimited revisions on your finished professional document translation—we’re not satisfied with the project until it meets with your approval.

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Why Our Clients Trust Us with Their Business

Document Translation Review
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accurate translations and outstanding customer service
  • Members of the American Translators Association
  • Competitive document translation cost
  • The right professional translator for your translation needs
  • Efficient and reliable
Accredited Translators & Interpreters

Cost for Translating Your Documents?

There are many types of document translators. The cost can go anywhere from $ 0.05/word to $ 0.30/word when it comes to human documents translation services. The main factors determining a document translation cost are subject matter, language pair, level of accuracy, turnaround, and project size.

Call to start the translation of your documents today:

  • New York: 212-300-5990
  • San Francisco: 408-389-3601
  • Dallas: 214-438-3777
  • Other Areas: 1-800-725-6498

PDF Document Translation
available upon request.

When to Use Free Translators

A free document translator may be helpful in some particular situations. If you need to know the content of a certain document and accuracy is not required, a free online document translator may be the right choice. We recommend the following free online document translators: Google Translate and Bing Translator.


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