Translation Memory

When it comes to professional translations in any field, automated computer translations will not do.

Unlike a computer translator, our human translators can apply cultural context and to the product so that your target market fully understands the translation.

However, that’s not to say that out translators don’t use any computer technology in their translations. Though they can translate full documents from their own knowledge, the experts at The Translation Company do use translation memory.

Combining Human Intelligence with Computer Processing and Memory

Translation memory is really the best of both worlds when it comes to intelligence. Essentially, a translation memory is a database that stores sections of text after they have been translated. These segments are then used in our accuracy check.

Though we only use human translations for each project, we do complete a final check in a translation spell-checker to make sure we didn’t overlook any important grammatical considerations.

Luckily, the database behind or automated translation checking system contains segments from our own translations in the past.

For example, a common headline might be a segment in our translation memory manager software. When that same headline comes up in a new project, the system will remember it from a previous project and the memory makes it infallibly accurate.

Translation Memory’s Benefits

When we use translation memory on your project, there are a few ways in which your company will benefit.

These benefits include:
• A faster turnaround time as a result of less error-correction
• Reduced cost as a result of the automated service
• Project-specific memory so that you can build on old projects when creating a new one in a similar format
• Greater consistency across multiple translators

While translation memory is certainly helpful as a last-minute check after a human translation, we do not rely on it for entire translations.

Human-centric Translation Services

Human translation is always superior, and the experts at The Translation Company are knowledgeable about the language and culture. Without the cultural knowledge, each translation might contain grave errors that could offend or confuse your target market.

Before we complete your translation project, we will make sure that it is error-free. By using a translation memory manager, this process is much faster. Our turnaround time is reduced as a result of our translation memory manager, which means you will get your project back well before your deadlines.

Savings for Our clients at No Additional Cost

The Translation Company offers a wide range of benefits over other translation services, and our translation memory manager is one of them. By utilizing this tool, we offer faster turnarounds and more accurate translations, which will improve the reputation of your brand or company on a global scale.

In an environment where globalization is becoming more important, your reputation from an international perspective also grows more important.

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