Portuguese Language Software & Tools

There are many software tools available for the Portuguese language. This software makes it possible to have documents translated accurately and efficiently. It is also typically compatible with most computer programs such as Microsoft Office. Translation software makes for an easier and faster communication process for Brazilian institutions and organizations.

Translation software has become quite advanced in that it has the ability to take on a number of translation tasks and choose a wide array of different features. It has been found that these software tools can often be a more inexpensive option for businesses looking to translate documents instead of hiring a translator. Small businesses often choose translation software for this reason.

Personal Translation Software

There are a variety of different options as far as personal translation software goes. People who want personal, everyday documents translated hastily but with great precision often use this option in translation. The software works by translating the document while the user types what they need translated. There are versions of personal translation software that are compatible with the programs in Microsoft Office (although not all of them are). The more sophisticated software versions often offer a dictionary and the capability to check grammar.  They are also able to check for correct sentence structure, which is quite useful for those unfamiliar with the Portuguese language. Be careful though, software has a tendency to not be as reliable as professional translation.

Software Translation for Smaller Businesses

There are many Portuguese translation software options for smaller businesses. This software is crucial for businesses looking to communicate with Portuguese-speakers. This is the case because without the ability to communicate quickly, it will be virtually impossible to build relationships with businesses and clients who speak Portuguese. While many residents of Brazil speak a bit of English, the main language of the country is Brazilian Portuguese.

The software available for smaller businesses has the capability to translate large documents accurately and efficiently. It almost always has compatibility with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint, which is very convenient for businesses. These businesses may find it to be a much more financially wise decision to use this software instead of hiring a translator (which tends to be expensive).  This software offers more advanced features than personal translation software. Some of these features include a more sophisticated dictionary, a more accurate spell-check, and a more advanced grammar-check. It also allows a business to translate a high volume of documents in a time-efficient manner. Once again, customers need to be careful. Pinching pennies may not be wise when dealing with legal and other serious issues.

Software Translation for Large Businesses

The most advanced Portuguese software translation is available for large businesses in need of the highest accuracy possible. This software is frequently the most expensive but also offers the most options in terms of translation. It tends to be used by large businesses in Brazil typically in the offices of Rio de Janerio and Brasília. This software is compatible with all Microsoft Office programs and offers professional dictionaries that other lower-end software tools do not have. The dictionaries include medical and engineering vocabularies among other industries. This top of the line software allows businesses to communicate easily and effectively with clients and businesses in Brazil that speak Portuguese. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Yes, machine-generated translation are always available to companies and clients, but how does the experience of a machine translation stand up against the years of training of experience that a translation expert who is specialized in culture and terminology can offer.

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