Chinese to English Translations

Know everything about Chinese to English translation services.

Is it different than plain ‘Chinese translation’?

Chinese to English translation is needed for content in Chinese being translated to English speakers. Documents translated from Chinese into English:

  • Business and technical documents from Chinese companies
  • Personal documents from Chinese individuals immigrating to English-speaker countries

Main Applications

Some of the main from Chinese to English translation applications:

  1. Exporting products and services to English-speaking countries. Targeting countries with high purchase power like the United States and England represents a must for companies operating globally.
  2. Preparing a Chinese product or service from China to be exported world-wide. To translate documents into multiple languages at the same time is necessary to first translate into English. Translations ‘from English into some language’ have a higher accuracy and are affordable than ‘from Chinese into another language’.

The two ‘Chinese to English’ varieties

The following order of preference apply for the preference:

#1: American: The vast majority of Chinese English translation services will be the American variety.

#2: British: once in a while the British variety will be chosen. However, it is safe to say that only the American English is becoming the ‘lingua-franca’.

Requirements for a translation from Chinese to English

#1. Translator native in English. As in other language pairs, the ‘native proficiency’ is required for the ‘target language. So, you when getting ‘Chinese into English translations’ you need the professional translators native in English. Of course the translator should also have a decent command of the Chinese language – although not necessarily native.

#2. Other requirements apply: (a) expertise in the content being translated; (b) being a certified or court-approved translator; (c) long-term experience; (d) professional habits in terms of deadlines and quality-control

Musts for Chinese to English translations

#1. American translators living in the US. Unless a translator lives in her/his country she/he is unable to follow the current state of the language. Thus, the best ‘Chinese to English translators’ will live in the US. Try to avoid a translator who was raised as a bilingual. Even Chinese translators born in the US will have a strong language bias because of their roots in the Chinese community. Your best choice will be someone raised as an English-speaker who only later on learned the Chinese language.

#2. Ask for referrals. professional Chinese to English translators should be able to provide contactable references so you can make sure their previous clients are satisfied with the quality of their translation services.

Hanyu Pinyin to English Translation

Chinese Mandarin to English, Chinese symbols translation, and Hanyu Pinyin translations provided. Pinyin is the formal phonetic system used to transcribe the Mandarin pronunciations of Chinese characters into Latin alphabet.

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