Language Combinations for German Translation

German translation services add major value to those businesses that want to reach the huge markets of hundreds of millions of German-speaking consumers globally as well as to German businesses that wish to promote their products or services in foreign locations.

The best potential combination for German translation is: –

German to English Translation

The German to English language combination can help German businesses to target the very large English speaking consumer market spread from west to east across the globe.
But care should be taken when performing these translations, since the English language spoken in the US is different from that spoken in the UK. Therefore, depending on the target language, a native translator that could help localize the business information should be hired. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to have the translation done in a neutral style of English, which would be accepdiv, to a large extent, by English speaking consumers from the US as well as from the UK. This can help businesses to keep their translation budget at a reasonable level.

English to German Translation

This combination can help many businesses from English speaking countries to market their products in several countries in central Europe and in many other locations where there are millions of German-speaking consumers.

The second potential language combination that businesses seeking German translation should look at is: – German to Chinese Translation

Germans are known for research and development in various technologies. It is a globally recognized fact that Germans have developed many of the latest hi-tech technologies used in different industrial segments. The Chinese are today well known for manufacturing goods with low overheads and in bulk quantities. Also, the Chinese-speaking consumer is part of today’s second biggest consumer market in the world. Considering these opportunities, German businesses should seek translation of their business information from German to Chinese by using the services of a professional German translator.

German to Spanish Translation

If we were to observe the Spanish-speaking populations of the world, we would see that Spanish is the third most spoken language of all of the languages spoken in the world. It can also be observed that most of the Spanish speaking population is concentrated in the West, or rather, in America and Europe. So, for German businesses looking for foreign markets, this could be a good initial market to explore since the majority of Spanish speaking consumers are concentrated in relatively closer geographical regions and the cultural differences between Spanish consumers in two locations is comparatively less than among other options.

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