Portuguese Website Translation

Website Translation: How The Translation Company Can Expand Your Network

The Portuguese language is in the top 5. Being one of the most commonly translated worldwide, it has over 200 million native speakers. If your company is looking for success on a larger scale then you should consider Portuguese translations. The Internet has allowed companies to expand all over the world simply by translating their websites and software in other languages. Web presence is an important asset for a company in today’s fast-paced world. Our experienced project managers and certified Portuguese translators can enhance your company’s web presence. Their understanding of website lingo is tough to match, and their software skills are cutting-edge to bring you the greatest rate of success.

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Businesses Come to Us for New Opportunities

Being a larger business means dealing with larger competition. One way to take the upper hand is to offer your clients something they do not have.  The Translation Company has just what you need for your competitive advantage. We have expert services in Information Technology, and judging by the markets these days, Information Technology is one of the leading demands in competitive business across the globe.  The Translation Company assists businesses all over the world so we know what businesses want and usually companies come to us looking for new opportunities.

Being Network Savvy

Our team of professionals is proud to deliver products that are the highest quality in today’s industry. Website and software translations need special attention. As a word of advice, you should only let people with keen knowledge handle your translations. Here at The Translation Company, we have a profound knowledge of website and software translations. Our specialists have worked with these translation projects for years, and on all kinds of levels. Our returning clients continue to use our website and software services because they know quality translations are few and far between.

Your Translations are 100% Human-crafted

Unlike a computer-produced website, our website and software translations are produced entirely by real people. Some freelance and most free translation services use automatic translation programs that are not accurate or effective. Plus, amateur and free online translations are not acceptable in the business world. A translator must certify a translation in order for it to be valid. Our Portuguese translators are certified and are waiting to certify your website and/or software needs.

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We Translate Both Mac and PC Versions

We realize that companies and clients use different versions of operating systems nowadays. Catering to your needs is no problem whether you use a Mac or a PC. Our clients use our service for a lot of common software. We work with all kinds of software, but here’s a list of versions we deal with on a day-to-day basis:

  • MAC OS X
  • Quark Xpress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word


We employ Portuguese translators with solid experience within the field of Information Technology. Our translators hone the skills required to localize software tools and websites. We deliver error-free translations for all our clients. We are able to create completely localized versions of websites, localized software tools, help files, and other files as needed. Strong skills in localization are essential. Accurately translating the source text into the target text can be the difference between sink or swim, so don’t let you company sink. Have your company use The Translation Company - a translation service they can trust.

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Translation Technologies

We offer translations for software, desktops and devices. We use leading technologies in our translations and testing procedures for desktop and device software. Our technologies include tools such as Alchemy Catalyst and QT Linguist. Our cutting-edge knowledge allow us to work efficiently and effectively when it comes to Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese translations.

DTP Publishing & Services

Our printed and electronic publishing include, but are not limited to:

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Production and
  • Pre-press

We have a strong background working with books, magazines, and any kind of printed materials. We can professionally take a document from intermediary files, to Postscripts, PDF, or finished source files.  Whatever it may be, if your company needs it, The Translation Company has got you covered.

Portuguese to English & English to Portuguese

Going Global With Your Corporate Blog

Does your company have a blog? Are you looking to increase your readership and improve your traffic and sales? Why not consider adding a Portuguese translation to your site? Blogs are a very popular form of social media, with the potential to reach millions of people. Most importantly, blogs are also beneficial in terms of search engine optimization (SRO) for your company’s website. Publishing your blog in other languages opens the door for more people to read about your company’s products or services. In today's market, people and consumers are constantly searching for creative and enjoyable information, regardless of what language they speak. Don't let language be the virtual fence keeping an international audience out of your virtual backyard.

Adding Portuguese translation to your blog effectively opens it up to approximately 200 million readers that would not have been able to enjoy it otherwise. Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world, yet it is one of the least often to have a translation made available. While other languages such as French, Spanish and Italian enjoy frequent translation in the blogosphere, Portuguese translation is a relative rarity. Most corporate blogs just never stop to consider the potential sales that exist in the Portuguese-speaking world.

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Portuguese Translation for Corporate Diversity

There are blogs on a wide variety of things. There are blogs that are about life in general. There are blogs about fashion. There are blogs about sports and there are blogs about politics. Whatever product or service entails, there is a blog about it. The question for many Portuguese-speaking internet surfers though is, is there a Portuguese translation available of the blogs that are written about what I am interested in? Too often the answer is no. Now imagine the impact if your company’s blog was the first one on a given topic, product or service, to offer a Portuguese translation. The impact to your traffic and readership could be incredible. Your daily hits could climb, climb, climb without your company having to write anything more than what you have on your website. Blogs are becoming more and more popular for law firms, TV networks and software companies. There is a reason for this, because it creates more exposure and, hence, more sales.

The internet has the potential to truly make the world a smaller, friendlier and closely connected place. Portuguese translation offers the unique opportunity to draw Portuguese speakers and writers from other languages together. Though the language used to express it may be different, the thoughts and feelings of people are often universal. Portuguese translation can help turn the global community into a small, closely knit neighborhood, where it is easy for us to understand one another. Open your corporate blog to the world, add Portuguese translation today.

The Translation Company – Specializing in Website Translation

At The Translation Company, we specialize in helping companies grow their language exposure. Offering an array of services, we can help with website translation, marketing materials and translation of corporate blogs.


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