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According to the latest statistics, Portuguese-speaking countries account for more than 200 million people worldwide. Just to name a few countries, Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, Angola, Portugal, and Mozambique. Because of the great diversity in regions and countries where Portuguese is spoken, the Portuguese language is subject to many dialects. Knowing the correct dialect is vital to an accurate Portuguese-to-English translation. Whether your company is ready to launch business operations in a Portuguese-speaking country or looking for localization services, it is essential to have a translation company that is knowledgeable in identifying the various dialects that are spoken worldwide.

At The Translation Company, our professional staff of translators and interpreters will ensure the correct Portuguese to English translation for your business needs. No matter how complex your corporate documents are, The Translation Company will ensure a precise translation. Trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide, The Translation Company is the leader in Portuguese to English translation.

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Since Portuguese is spoken in Brazilian, European, and African countries, there are varying degrees of word usage, grammar, spelling, syntax, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Dialects are also attributable to education and socioeconomic factors. To a Portuguese translator not familiar with these differences, many language details could potentially be ignored. Hiring an inexperienced Portuguese translator that makes mistakes could damage your company financially and could also damage your company’s reputation.

Reputation is everything in business. It is therefore pertinent to hire a translation service that has experience in identifying these problem areas in the Portuguese language.

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The Translation Company – Quality Portuguese English Translation

The seasoned professional translators in our agency have experience in translating corporate and business documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Financial forms
  • Reports
  • Software localization
  • Technical manuals and
  • Much more

Offering an array of Portuguese to English translation services, your company can have the peace of mind that we will translate your documents accurately. From large corporate projects to small translation assignments, we can do it all. Backed by years of experience in Portuguese translation to English, let us show you how translations should be done.

As a leader in Portuguese to English translation, we have built a solid base of corporate clients from around the world who rely on our expertise in translating their Portuguese to English translation documents. Because of the differentiation of dialects in the Portuguese language, it is crucial to hire a translation company that knows these differences.

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Portuguese Translation Services

Rush Jobs and Deadlines

Need a quick turn-around on a rush translation Portuguese to English project? We will meet or beat any deadline – guaranteed.


Confidentiality is important to us. Our agency realizes the value of keeping your corporate or business documents confidential. With our strict policies on confidential documents or materials, rest assured that your business is in the right hands.

Portuguese to English Services

The Translation Company provides translations from Portuguese to English tailored for Brazilian companies exporting their products and services to abroad.

Our Portuguese to English translations is also useful for multinational companies evaluating contracts, procedures, manuals, marketing campaigns, and other documents generated by their affiliates in Brazil, Portugal, or other Portuguese-speaker countries.

The Translation Company allocates translators who are native in English or very seasoned Brazilian translators to Portuguese to English jobs, since the translation from Portuguese to English is more difficult than English to Portuguese translations for native Portuguese speakers.

Companies using our Portuguese to English services:

  • Multinational corporations with offices in Brazil
  • Law offices conducting cases in Brazil
  • Investment companies
  • Private investors
  • Real estate owners purchasing property in Brazil
  • Others

We also have individuals using these services for both professional and personal purposes. For more information on our translations, please contact us at sales@thetranslationcompany.com or call us at 800-725-6498.

Translation from Portuguese to English

Understanding Your Portuguese Competitors

No longer is business restricted to the borders of each country. Many large corporations are in fierce competition with companies that are located in other parts of the world. Knowing what your competitor is saying or doing is important for your company’s strategic plan, goals, and future sales. If your competitor is a Portuguese based company, it is essential to hire a translation company that can properly translate the Portuguese language.

What is most important is hiring a Portuguese translation company that has experience in translating complex business information or documents, such as reports or spreadsheets, technical manuals, marketing materials, contracts and other business documents. In order to ensure an accurate Portuguese to English translation, it is vital to retain the services of a company that has knowledge in business-related documents. At The Translation Company, we are the leader in Portuguese to English translation.

Avoid Costly Mistakes in Hiring an Inexperienced Translator

Hiring a translator not familiar with corporate documents can end up costing you thousands of dollars. For proper Portuguese to English translation, you need a Portuguese translator who is knowledgeable in the various terms and phrases which encompass the business and finance world.

The field of business and finance carries many complicated words which can likely confuse an untrained, inexperienced translator. Words such as “valuation,” “subsidiary,” “liquidity,” “margin,” and other uncommon words could potentially be misleading to a translator with no background in Portuguese to English translation of business documents. If your company requires flawless Portuguese to English translation, The Translation Company is right for you. Backed by years of experience in translating business documents and reports, our experts will ensure every word, every sentence, is accurately translated.

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Portuguese Translation Services

Translation to English from Portuguese

Our translation agency has achieved a reputation of providing only quality, on-time Portuguese to English translation. Of the many services we provide, we offer translation of technical materials, protocols and manuals, publications, personal letters, marketing materials, legal documents, insurance forms and much more.

Many translation services provide Portuguese to English translation, but finding the best one can be a daunting task. Look no further. We are confident that we can handle your translation needs with precision and dedication, and our prices cannot be beaten. We employ a strict Quality Assurance Program to ensure your company receives the best Portuguese to English translation available and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the results. There is a reason why we are the most trusted and sought out after Portuguese Translation Company in the market – we love what we do and it comes through in our work.

With a clientele case of corporations, governments, and law firms from around the world, we have the skills necessary to guide your company in the right direction. If you demand precision, knowledge, loyalty, and unwavering commitment, consider The Translation Company.

If you have more questions regarding Portuguese to English translation, contact us today. We are available 24/7.

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