Portuguese Legal Translation

Legally Valid Portuguese Translations

Need European or Brazilian legal documents translated to English?

The legal system can be strict when it comes to Portuguese legal documents being translated. There are several steps that you may have to follow for a legal translation to be accepted. But there’s nothing to worry about though because we offer all four levels of certification that you might be faced while involved in the legal system. For your convenience of knowing, below are the four main ways of getting your legal documents approved.

Certified Translation

Certification is the most commonly used step in getting legal translations approved. Most legal sectors and courts will only accept a legal translation if the document is stamped “Certified” by the translators or translation service. A signed statement by the certified translator shall be included within such certification. We include our complete credentials with our certifications. Other procedures we offer for are:

  • Corporate Golden Seals
  • Holographic Stamps and
  • Our American Translators Association (ATA) Stamp

The rate of acceptance for our translations is virtually 100%. Just our certification process alone validates the majority of client’s legal requirements.

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Notarization and County Clerk

Notarization is the second step for legal acceptance. It isn’t required as much as a certification, but is still commonly requested by law systems. Sometimes a public authority might ask for the translator's signature to be notarized. Also, even when the signature has been notarized, the notary's signature might need to be approved by the County Clerk. Though this is a rare requirement, we do provide both of these services upon request.


Apostille is currently the highest level of "certification" available for a legal document. It is most frequently requested when you have your document submitted to law system in other countries. The Apostille is a document recognized by the US Department of State. The recognition page is added to your translation so governments from other countries will accept it as valid. Our Apostille service is available upon request.

Confidentiality / NDAs

When confidential information is at hand confidence should also. Our professional translators and responsible project managers adhere to our business-strict policy to never disclose any information deemed confidential by the client. We offer NDAs (nondisclosure agreements), upon request, to help protect our clients. We provide services all over the world, and our returning clients continue to testify their respect for our company as we also respect them.

Facts When Dealing with Legal Procedures

  1. Human translators must translate all legal documents. Free or computer-generated translation services found online produce an inaccurate translation that is unacceptable for any legal purpose.
  2. Certified legal translations are, in most cases, mandatory.
  3. Legal documents that aren’t accurately translated usually may weaken your case or even result in liabilities.
  4. Official documents potentially include many technical terms and concepts. Certified professionals who are specialized in law-related translations should only translate these documents.

Knowledge of Source and Target Legal Systems

Our Portuguese translators understand that they must produce error-free translations when dealing with legal documents. Our Portuguese translators pay careful attention to the details on the source document. The target legal system must also be kept in mind in the translation process because legal translations are culture-dependent. A legal translation in one culture’s language may not be correct, relevant or even understood in another culture’s language. This precise task demands expertise. Our Portuguese translators are experts in dealing with legal terminology from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese.

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Common Uses For Our Portuguese Legal Translations

  • Incorporation Documents
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Court Judgments
  • Judgment & Wills
  • Property Deeds
  • Contracts
  • Litigations
  • Investments

Experience with the Legal Industry

Our veteran Portuguese translators are specialized with the proper skills of the legal industry. Also, we are absolutely on time regarding timelines. Our Portuguese translators are well aware that legal translations submitted after deadlines may be unusable. Because of this, our translators and project managers make it a priority to always provide our translations in a timely manner, which are tailored to our clients’ request.

Our Legal Translation Process

Our legal translations go through a refined process to make sure we are aligned with local and national legalities. Accuracy is just as important to us as it is for our clients. Your legal document will be translated by at least one human translator and proofread by a professional editor. If you have a deadline that needs to be met we want you to know we never miss deadlines. Plus, we offer rush jobs upon request.

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Portuguese Translation for Law Firms

Legal Representation Available to Foreign Markets

Successful lawyers around the world all share one trait – the ability to speak and write eloquently. Cases are won on the basis of the lawyer's ability to verbalize the strength of their client's case, regardless of what language they are doing it in. For a client seeking representation, whether civil or criminal, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a lawyer is their ability to speak with you in a way that you understand. What happens though when you are faced with finding a lawyer in a country that does not generally speak your language? For a lawyer, one of the best tools that you can employ is foreign language translation. Many law firms offer bi-lingual associates, who speak Spanish and French, but there are many other languages out there. One of the most under serviced is Portuguese. Adding Portuguese translation to your list of services can help increase your business or law firm.

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Sworn Public Translations Available

Offering Portuguese translation services can help your law firm to win new clients, especially if you practice in an area that does not have a lot of Portuguese speaking lawyers available. Though not quite as effective as being able to speak the language yourself, having the ability to produce a Portuguese translation for your Portuguese speaking clients can be a real "win" for your firm.

Regardless of what type of law your firm practices, Portuguese translation can be a real advantage to your firm and your clients. People that are searching for legal representation will look for a lawyer that they can understand, that they can relate to. Publishing your information in both English and Portuguese can help attract Portuguese speaking clients to your practice. Portuguese translation can help empower Portuguese speaking clients that would otherwise not have a legal voice - providing that legal voice can be the difference between a client winning or losing their case. Allow your firm be the voice of the Portuguese speaking population.

The Translation Company – Close Relationships with Law Firms and Lawyers

Our translators, interpreters and proofreaders have been dealing with law firms for many years. There is a reason why they keep coming back for more of our Portuguese translation services – we have the experience and background in the law.

At The Translation Company, we employ one simple philosophy: your success is our success.

English to Portuguese & Portuguese to English

English to Portuguese Translation for Law Firms and Attorneys

Many law firms are now exploring the idea of expanding their legal representation and exposure to different countries in the world. If your law firm is one of them, and is contemplating expanding your practice to any one of the Portuguese-speaking countries, it is highly advisable to retain the services of a trusted Portuguese translation company. Utilizing the services of a translation company that has experienced legal translators is essential for your law firm’s success. Whether your law firm is seeking localization services, website translation, legal document translation, a court interpreter or otherwise, The Translation Company can help. At The Translation Company, our expert team of translators, interpreters and proofreaders, have experience in not only English to Portuguese translation, but also experience in legal terms and concepts. The legal field is a complicated area which can only be understood by professionals who practice in the law. If you want professional, experienced help in English to Portuguese translation for your law firm, let The Translation Company assist you with your translation needs.

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Seeking Maximum Exposure for your Law Firm through English to Portuguese Translation

If you want your law firm to stand out, consider expanding your legal practice to one of the Portuguese-speaking countries. Portuguese is a rapidly growing language, with over 200 million speakers worldwide. Because of the popularity and expansiveness of Portuguese, it is no wonder that many law firms and companies are expanding their services to these Portuguese-speaking countries. If you want maximum exposure of your law firm, consider English to Portuguese translation.

The Translation Company – The Leader in English to Portuguese Translation for Law Firms

Your law firm is demanding - as it should be. It demands precision, meeting deadlines and accurately translated documents, reports and information. At The Translation Company, we can meet your demands. Based on our experience in working with law firms, governments, administrative agencies and other legal professionals, we are confident that we can provide the best possible English to Portuguese translation services available. We guarantee to you will be completely satisfied.

Confidentiality is important to us, which is why we employ the highest standards in protecting the information that is given to us. In order to further show our commitment in confidentiality in the confidential documents and information that you provide, we offer a non-disclosure agreement at no extra charge. How many other Portuguese translation companies offer that?

At The Translation Company, we are the leader in English to Portuguese translation for one simple reason: we get results for our clients. Trusted by hundreds of clients from around the world, we employ only the best translators, interpreters and proofreaders available. Our high standards in hiring our employees reflect the quality of work that we produce. If your law firm is ready to take the next step in expanding your law practice to any one of the Portuguese-speaking countries, give us a call. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and we are ready to start working for you.


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