Translations for Business in Portuguese

Business-disciplined Translators

Our company employs Portuguese translators with veteran skills in business terminology with the target languages. Our certified translators earned their education in Business Management including BA and/or MBA. They have worked in corporate environments in Brazil, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking countries so they are well equipped to translation documents within the business industry.

Our Translation Team is consistent with as close to error-free results as humanly possible. How a part of our system works is: after the first certified Portuguese translator is finished with your document, a second certified Portuguese translator proofreads that material to make sure it is all ready to give back to you.

Business Documents We Translate

Displaying the business documents that we most commonly translate helps assure our clients that we handle his/her needs. We understand business, which means we understand that quality translations are important for your company’s success. Below are our business documents that we translate the most:

  • Advertising Documents
  • Professional Articles
  • Presentation Materials
  • Marketing Plans
  • Pamphlets & Brochures
  • Reports
  • Accounting Records
  • Memos & Communications
  • Business Proposals
  • Employee Handbooks

Practical Translation Examples

Companies are always coming up with new strategies to conduct their business. However, no matter how creative a project is, a company needs an experienced Portuguese translation service to do business with Portuguese-based companies. Such company strategies might include:

  • PowerPoint presentations for a deal-closing meeting
  • Drafts of a distribution agreement that will take several rounds of reviewing by each party before being sent to approval by a legal department
  • Translation of Human Resource Handbooks to be used by US Subsidiaries all over the world
  • A simple business inquiry formatted as a letter to be sent to a prospective buyer or supplier and
  • Manuals of Procedure to be used in global offices, etc.

Optimizing Your Presence in Portuguese-Speaking Countries

In order to be a leading business in the industry, effective communication with clients is required. However, conversing with those around the world can be slightly more challenging than doing so with English-speaking clients. That’s why we are here – to assist you in valuable business taking place around the world so you can be globally present. Our certified professionals translate documents from Portuguese to English and from English to Portuguese. When translating source material such as documents, presentations, and campaigns for local use in Brazil and Portugal, skillful and careful measures must be taken to ensure that the proper accuracy is being executed.

Competing for the Best

Competitive industries demand competitive products, and that’s where The Translation Company comes in. The demand for competitive products pushes companies to always be on the cutting edge and enhance their products to the next level. Competitive products require top-notch quality. Our Portuguese translations will help your business gain a competitive edge because our products are polished with the highest quality in industry.

Portuguese Formality

When dealing with your Portuguese-speaking clients it is important to understand their formalities, customs, and culture in order to interact professionally with them.

  • First off, family is the heart of the Portuguese and Brazilian social structure. They create strong stability by keeping their extended family close.
  • Secondly, loyalty come before business – make a special note of that. They often hire people within their family because of how much they value family.
  • Thirdly, appearance is strong used to determine social standing.
  • Fourthly, business meetings are expected. They appreciate when meetings are scheduled 2 to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Lastly, Portuguese-speaking business clients take more time with negotiation, so keep this in mind when deciding if you should rush them or not.

Our Business Behavior

Our Portuguese translators and service team make every effort to ensure that our business behavior is professional. Having professional business behavior means providing great responsiveness and communication courtesy. We maintain our business behavior because want to set an example for how a reputable translation services should conduct its business.


Our company and Portuguese translators understand the degree of propriety that our clients expect to receive about confidentiality. We offer NDAs (nondisclosure agreements), upon request, throughout all of our services.

Our confidentiality terms enforce that all knowledge and information identified by the client as confidential shall remain confidential by our Portuguese Translator and shall not be divulged nor published by our Portuguese Translator nor published by others.


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