Certified Portuguese Translation

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Certified Portuguese translation is the Portuguese translation that is either done by a certified translator or the translator issues a certificate with the translated document declaring the translation to be accurate and complete.

Certified Portuguese translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, legal orders etc. are required in courts, immigration departments and other government departments. Certified Portuguese translation may cost higher than normal Portuguese translation, as it requires some extra qualification and process than a general Portuguese translator.

Certified Translation Standards per Country

The Portuguese translator working in the field of legal profession needs to provide certified Portuguese translation. The ways in which the Portuguese translation in legal field can be certified depends on the regulations of the local Court or Judicial Council. In case the translation is to be presented in any Court of US than the translator needs to be certified with the State Court. A certified translator has to provide a statement with the translated document stating that the said translation is accurate and complete as compared to the source document.

If the legal translation is required for presentation in UK courts than in that case the translator has to take an oath in front of the solicitor or authorized official and give statement in writing stating that the translation done is accurate and complete in comparison with the source document. This process of is called filing an affidavit. The legal translator has to file an affidavit every time when a translated document is to be submitted in the court’s of UK.

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A Portuguese translator in Spain working in field of legal translation has to be a sworn translator. That is the translator needs to take an oath in front of Judicial Council produce an affidavit to become a Sworn Translator. Such Sworn translators Portuguese translation is considered certified Portuguese translation with their seal on every translated document.

The translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates etc. attested by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of a country are generally easily accepted as certified translation by immigration departments, naturalization departments and other government departments of foreign countries. In some countries the translation associations themselves provide certification for translators who in return can produce certified Portuguese translation.

The certified Portuguese translation can be so defined in various ways as explained above depending on the location and application. Though there are many applications like technical translation where the client expects translation certification as per the ISO standards or the DIN EN standards. Most of the other fields of Portuguese translation accept a plain statement from a translator with the translation where in the translator has vouched for the accuracy and completeness of the translated work. Such translations with the statement of the translator are accepted as certified Portuguese translation.

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Portuguese Document Translation Certification

Our Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese certified translation services cater to clients who need official translations of legal Portuguese documents to be presented to official authorities for legal purposes in the USA, Brazil, Portugal, and other countries. Some common certified translations include:

Available For Companies

  • Agreements & Reports
  • Applications
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificates & Affidavits
  • Contracts & Court rulings
  • Dissolutions & Distribution Agreements
  • Documents requested by authorities
  • Employment forms & letters
  • Financial Statements
  • Foreign government documents
  • General Forms
  • Incorporation papers
  • Insurance policy statements
  • Judicial Orders
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Medical Reports
  • Power of Attorney
  • Presentations & Real estate & Leases
  • Sales Contracts
  • Statements, Trademarks & Copyrights

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Certified Portuguese Translators

Our skilled professional Portuguese translators are qualified Portuguese Legal Translators. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. Every completed certified Portuguese translation is double checked for quality by a professional Portuguese proofreader and editor before we deliver the finished document to you.

Portuguese to English Certified Translation

Our Portuguese to English translations meet US certification requirements. Our Portuguese translations have been used by hundreds of satisfied clients .

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Certified Portuguese Translation
Certified Translations with a
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English to Portuguese Certified Translation

Our English to Portuguese translations meet Brazilian certification requirements for use as legal documents in US and Brazilian courts, immigration department, law offices, real estate transactions, and other public divisions. If your project requires a specific certification or form of notarization, just let us know and we will provide all necessary arrangements.

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Confidentiality in our Legal Portuguese Translation

Our translations are subject to a privacy and security policy included in our service agreement. Our professional Portuguese legal translators include a confidentiality agreement with their translations at no extra charge. NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) are offered upon request.

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Certified Portuguese translation

Our Certified Portuguese translations are faithful to the source material and are always certified, signed, and sealed by the Portuguese translator in order to be accepted by courts, immigration offices, and other government authorities.

Your documents are translated and checked by our professional Brazilian legal translators with a US legal background. We can carry out all relevant formalities so that your documents may be used in court proceedings here in the USA, in Brazil and other countries.

Our certified translation includes

  • Signature by certified translator
  • Company stamp confirming it is a certified translation
  • Company impression over a gold seal on the paper
  • Translator contact information

Notarized Portuguese Translations

Some certified Portuguese translations need to be notarized by a Notary Public as well. The Translation Company offers a New York Notarization valid in all US states. Please let us know if you need this extra service when asking for your quote.

In the case of a Sworn Portuguese Translation or a Sworn Portuguese Translator in Brazil or Portugal, some legal local requirements may apply. Please make sure to mention this need when requesting a quotation.

Official Portuguese Translation 

A certified translation is a translation of a document from one language to another. Such translation is also known as "Official Portuguese Translation". A professional translator does this kind of translation. This translator is guaranteed to be knowledgeable in both languages so he or she can translate the document accurately and effectively. The certified translation process generates a legally binding record that is acknowledged by U.S. officials, courts and academic institutions.

Required for Legal Cases & Immigration

Immigration has been a crucial part of the arrangement, structure and history of human population in Brazil. The country has received one of the largest numbers of immigrants in the Western Hemisphere, along with the United States, Argentina, and Canada. An immigrant to Brazil must face a certain protocol in order to obtain residency in Brazil. If an English speaker is moving to Brazil, it is extremely important to have the necessary documents (needed for residency) translated accurately. It is important for these documents to be free of errors in translation since it can often take an extended period of time to be approved. A certified translation allows one to steer clear of possible difficulties in the process.

Who Requires Certified Translations?

Most universities, colleges, and credential evaluation firms require a certified translation of diplomas or transcripts in order to be admitted. Business and corporations also use certified translations. Certified translations help authenticate a company’s financial reports, patent filings, legal documents, and business agreements for all stakeholders. A stakeholder is a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry. Lawyers also use certified translations. Courts and government agencies often require certified translations of transcripts and other legal documents to confirm the accuracy of translations.

Why do These Institutions Require an Official Translation?

Institutions require certified translations for validity. A third-party translation aids in guaranteeing that the document is not false and has not been forged. Many countries are very thorough in order to find fake or forged documents. This is because of the widespread use of illegal documents all over the world.  A recent study claimed that 21% of all H-1B (immigrant worker’s visa) applications involved fraud or technical violations. Roughly 20% of those infringements had fraudulent or forged documents.

By using a professional translation firm, it can offer reassurance to any institution. This is because the translation is supported by the reputation of the firm.

Institutions often use certified translations for process efficiency. Any document created in the reviewer’s native language decreases administrative time. This allows the viewer to be comfortable, which creates faster processing.


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