Brand Your Business, ‘Iron Man’ Style

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When businesses prepare to expand overseas, it is important for them to not lose sight of what they want to sell to customers. Using international translation services, an organization can rest assured that consumers will always understand what is being sold to them, regardless of the language and a business’ origin.

Marvel and DC Comics

For example, with the recent push of Marvel and DC comic series being made into box office hits, it is even easier to recognize certain characters. That is precisely the idea behind the Iron Man 3 branding campaign, which can now boast that it sits atop the Forbes Fictional 15 – a list generated by Forbes magazine that lists the 15 richest fictional people. Tony Stark, the Iron Man hero, is listed at $9.3 billion.

“What’s made Iron Man so successful is that it’s the same basic story three times. It’s an example of how not to muck up the basic formula, and yet add something new to it each time,” branding expert Allen Adamson told Fox News.

He added that it’s important to understand your customer, and that different countries might require a slightly different advertising campaign. However, keeping the overall story – and brand – the same is exceedingly crucial.

Iron Man: Simple is Better

Simple ideas are better, Adamson explained, and with Iron Man, he is just a man who gets his power from an iron suit. As long as that message is properly explained to customers – in no matter which language – all should understand its meaning.

A translation services company can help any organization properly fine-tune its product and message to a variety of customers, ensuring that the brand name remains intact and easy to understand. When securing translation services, make sure you choose a translation agency with translators specializing in specific fields such as business French or German translations.

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