Fruit Ninja company ready to expand abroad

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Growing businesses must ensure that the right amount of time is devoted to creating a strong marketing campaign. Future customers need to understand the company message, along with the specific product or service being offered to them.

Successful Apps

Halfbrick Studios created the popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja, which challenges users to swipe their fingers across their screen to try and “slice” pieces of fruit before they fall back to the ground. As reported by Bloomberg Businessweek, Halfbrick has plans to release a version of its mobile game in China. To account for different customer tastes, the company created an application with different weapon choices and various backgrounds.

“A lot of foreign companies have this hubris that we are going to bring you this great product and you are going to love it,” Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting Ltd., a market research firm in Beijing, told the news source. “It’s a common mistake to think that localization means translation from English to Chinese and then you’re done.”

Large Chinese Markets

Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer for Halfbrick, told the news source that already, 30 percent of Fruit Ninja users are in China, so that is where the idea for a new strategy came from.

A similar mindset can be taken by companies in other industries. When the decision is made to expand into new markets, working with localization translation services will push an organization ahead of the competition.

Through translation services, more details will taken into account, beyond going from one language to another. That way, future customers can feel as if a product was designed with their needs and interests in mind.

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