Global Translation Case Studies

Understanding a service before you purchase helps you know what you can achieve with it. We have selected four of our case studies for companies looking for a professional translation service.

1. The Law Firms of James Vititoe: Case Study

Lawfirm depicted in Erin Brockovich’s Movie.

The Law Firms of James Vititoe represent individuals and groups in personal injury cases against large corporations. Their expert attorneys and legal professionals defend thousands of clients every year – in the United States and abroad as well. The name James Vititoe might sound familiar to you from seeing the movie Erin Brockovich, which Julia Roberts won an Oscar for. In the film, James Vititoe and his partner hired Julia Robert’s character as a private investigator. Even though Erin Brockovich’s big screen days ended, the successful business for James Vititoe did not. James Vititoe and his law firm have been bringing victory to families and individuals in need of justice. Some of the translation solutions we have provided to the Law Firms of James Vititoe:


  1. Two tragic airplane crashes in Brazil
  2. Hundreds of Brazilian families who did not speak English
  3. 1,000s of evidence-related pages needed to be translated from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese
  4. English was required for applications with the US Jurisdiction, while Portuguese was required for applications at the Brazilian Court System


  1. Provide a diligent team of project managers and certified translators to work around the clock during the project’s entirety.
  2. Assign specialized translators to the area of specific translation needed for the assignment.
  3. Install and hook up residential telephone lines in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to make correspondence between both parties possible.
  4. Delivered Portuguese translations overnight for sensitive deadlines that the Brazilian judge ordered as evidence.


  1. Paralegals, lawyers, and families were all satisfied due to our translator and project manager’s expertise.
  2. The Translation Company achieved the highest retention of clients among all the American law firms present at the scene of the two plane crashes.
  3. 1,000s of safely translated documents that helped the families and those affected by the crashes.

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2. Insight | Technology Solutions

Technology company with over 11,000 employees and consultants in 19 countries.

Insight holds the title of being a leading provider of brand-name computing products, software, and advanced IT services. With 4.1 billion dollars in revenue for 2009 and markets in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, Insight has made a successful name for itself. After serving Insight’s New York team in a few translation assignments, The Translation Company was chosen as the official provider of Chinese translation services at Insight. Shortly after that, several other Insight offices started ordering our translation services for their project needs.

Challengeto The Translation Company

  1. Provide a translation consistent in terminology while still meeting demands specific to each local office.
  2. Manage offices in different time zones such as New York and Australia.
  3. Deliver quality translation overnight for key business presentations.
  4. Maintain corporate-grade service levels during and after the project’s production.


Given these challenges, The Translation Company:

  1. Assigned an industry-specific team of Chinese translators to handle all of Insight’s projects.
  2. Designated a project manager to be in charge of communication after our regular business hours so that Insight’s Australian office could reduce turnarounds.
  3. Delivered rush-translation jobs to meet the client’s challenging deadlines.
  4. Took into account clients’ feedback to fine-tune their translations and to meet clients’ counter-party linguist preferences.


  1. The Translation Company provided successful services to several of Insight’s offices worldwide.
  2. Insight continues to be satisfied with our work with them on this project and others.
  3. We reached an understanding that local office preferences reduce project turnarounds.

Insight’s ordering of translations in bulk enabled them low translation rates, which helped meet their budgetary concerns.

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3. Confidential |Technology

Top-5 Network Technology Company.

The company featured in this case study is “a worldwide distributor and provider of complete networking solutions, wireless and wired.” They have an impeccable network infrastructure and are among the top leaders in their industry. They have a full range of global domains, which demand a full range of information needing to be translated into the respective language. The company hired The Translation Company to accurately execute the Russian portion of their business information, as seen below.

Challenge #1

  1. Fourteen detailed pages (8800+ words) of business documents need to be translated from Russian into English.
  2. Identify the nuances of the source text and accurately adapt them to the target text.
  3. Adhere to US business laws for translation while also complying with Russian regulations for international affairs.


  1. Assigned a certified Russian to English translator to the translation project while having two other Russian to English translators proofread and edit all 14 pages of the translation.
  2. Utilized our Russian to English specialists to ensure all subtleties were transferred properly in the translation process.
  3. Consulted our legal experts to navigate through and fulfill all fine-print requirements correctly.


  1. Our Quality Assurance Team revised a business document seven times and delivered it with top accuracy to ensure quality results.
  2. Seamless communication between Winncom and their Russian business partners because of our attention to cultural and national sensitivities.
  3. Authorization for both parties was granted to have complete approval for the translation transaction.

Intricacies of the Translated Document:

  • 14 pages (8800+ words)
  • Federal Tax Revenue
  • 18 Articles
  • General Provisions
  • Purposes and Activity
  • Subsidiaries, Representatives, and Participants
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Participants
  • Company Adjustments
  • Procedures for Transfer of Shares
  • Shares Belonging to Company
  • Distribution of Profits
  • Property and Funds
  • Management
  • Interests in Transactions
  • Control of Activities
  • Maintenance of Provisions
  • Reorganization and Liquidation
  • Strict Confidentiality
  • The Translation Company Translator’s Signature
  • Good Faith and Competency Clause

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4. Topcon – Technology

Top-5 Manufacturer of Global Positioning and Surveying Technologies.

Our partners at Topcon appreciate The Translation Company’s services so much that they wanted to award us this quote:

“No other company offers so much value for such competitive rates as them.”

Case Study: Topcon’s Official Translation Provider

Topcon is the largest company in the world that focuses exclusively on positioning control and machine control products. They have decided to implement the challenging goal of translating its GPS software into more than 20 languages, including Japanese.

1. Challenge

Technical translation, particularly when used in operational systems equipping unmanned vehicles, demands an extremely high level of accuracy. How to deliver such a level of accuracy while keeping costs low?

a. Topcon GPS systems are used to automate Agriculture machinery, including high-powered vehicles. Such translation requires a degree of experience and accuracy higher than in almost any other knowledge area.

b. Due to the high level of power that these systems generate, the software translation must be error-free down to a science. Translating software requires the use of complex localization tools, considerably more demanding than tools such as SDL Trados.

c. One of the major languages involved in the project is Japanese, which is the language spoken by Topcon’s headquarters in Japan.

After heavily scrutinizing several providers, Topcon has chosen The Translation Company translation, which includes language-focused divisions like The Translation Company, to fully manage the project.

2. Solution

a. The Translation Company uses an assembled team of technical translators who specialize in engineering and have previous experience working with commercial GPS translation.

b. We are providing Topcon with a dedicated and sophisticated project manager to assist Topcon’s needs every step of the way.

c. Our implementation of discounted rates for (i) consistency of orders along these years and (ii) ordering languages in bulk quantities.

d. Development of practical procedures (created by our programmers) to routinely inspect consistency in translations and for all their languages.

e. Use of mechanical review, which strictly analyzes details such as lines, punctuation, presence of numbers, etc.

3. Benefits

a. Our prices are the best going rate for quality technical translation existing in the market today.

b. Our services encompass more than 20 languages to be translated, while competitors’ services only offer less than 10 language translations.

c. A higher number of languages meant a more competitive product in several areas of Europe and other continents, where users prefer their local languages.

d. Since Topcon Precision Agriculture is based in Oceania, the use of translation service in the US enables further reduced translation costs due to: (i) higher competitiveness of translation companies in the US, (2) currency advantages, and (3) no taxation of services.

Ultimate benefit: by Topcon using our superlative translation services, they are strategically generating successful business in the commercial GPS market.

Other Case Studies

To learn about other cases in our portfolio, please contact our sales at A case in your industry may be available for your review.

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