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Getting Your Campaigns Global

The way businesses are managed today is quite different than those in the old days. Today due to the advancements in technologies communication has become easier between any two points of the world even though whatever distance there might be between them.

Secondly the businesses today have higher ambitions and goals but at the same time the competition is increased. Hence as compared to the old days when industries use to have aim of marketing products in domestic market today same industries have started looking beyond domestic boundaries for business. And now after the various initiatives of World Trade Organization the globalization of businesses has come to scene.

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Advertising in Other Countries

This fact that businesses has been crossing local boundaries to reach markets in various countries has made it necessary for them to have advertising of their products or services been done in local languages with the same meaning and effect as it has in the source languages.

This is the point where advertising translation has come into existence and has become one of the necessary services required by corporate having multinational presence.
Advertising translation mainly involves translation of creative subjects like:

  • banners
  • boardings
  • television ads
  • Internet ads
  • desktop publishing
  • magazines
  • newspaper ads
  • Commercials
  • sponsorships

The paramount responsibility of the translator providing advertising translation is to maintain the essence of provoking the viewer for buying the product or services. As provoking a viewer is the main objective of advertising a product or service. It is said by veterans from the advertising field that advertising should be such that after viewing say an advertisement of ice it should make an Eskimo buy ice.

It means to say that the advertisement should compel the viewer to buy the products or services with out giving the viewer a chance to think much about it. This effect should be consistent in an advertisement even after it has been translated to some target language. In todays demanding world the translators working in the field of advertising translation are expected to deliver more than just translation to target language but also localizing the advertisements keeping in mind aspects like local cultures and traditions.

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The advertising translation applications like creating designs for banners, hoardings, pamphlets or any such materials needs to address not only language translation responsibility but also the color schemes that would reflect the adaptability to the local culture.

Reaching Out Markets Abroad

This could be explain with an example like in China the black color is considered as unlucky and moments of celebrations should have red lining hence this should be very clearly addressed by the translator working in the field of advertising translation that the designer uses proper color schemes while producing the designs for such media. In case of television ads it needs to be understood that the cultures in many countries are still having limitations as far as expressions of feelings is concerned.

So the ads for promoting any products or services should follow the limitations otherwise a mass unrest in the people in that country would be instigated leading to a permanent ban on the respective company. Thus translators doing advertising translation have really important responsibility on their shoulder of propagating the right message to the public taking care of cultural and traditional limitations.

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