Official Translations of Documents

How it works

There are several categories that translation falls under, and you will need a translation service with expertise in business translation, which  The Translation Company has a strong history of being. Choosing the right translation team for your business translation needs can be a difficult decision. If you have a variety of different translation needs then you will want to work with a company that can supply multi-branched business translation services.

What 'Official Translation' means

Official translation of a document means a translation that can be used for the one of the following purposes:


  • Employment-based VISAs
  • Greencard applications
  • Citizenship applications
  • Marriage-based applications
  • Other types of VISAs


Most universities and colleges will require an official translation for your study documents. A few applications:

  • School transcripts
  • Grade translations
  • Recommendation letters
  • Diplomas
  • Etc

Knowing more about 'Official Document Translations'

Cultural Bias and Translation

Not only do translators need to have experience in the field for which they provide business translation, but they also need to be well grounded on the cultural differences between countries. International translations are culture-dependent on a whole spectrum of issues because local customs, phrases, and language in general must be considered at a local level. In order for those terms to make sense you need a translator that is very familiar with both cultures to adapt the subtle meanings.

Another factor can be differences in expected behavior. If it is customary to include a thank you note with a business proposal in Japan and you fail to include one, you already have a strike against you. The Japanese businessperson that you are corresponding with may view you as rude and unprofessional. A skilled translator will take cultural differences into account and make solid recommendations along with a business translation.

Terminology Doesn’t Translate

Even for a skilled translator that is very familiar with the industry in which they are providing business translation, it can be difficult to translate concepts like RFPs and ERPs. In order to successfully provide a business translation that will be understood, the translator must understand the concept of the acronym to explain it in a way that is comprehensible to the foreign party.

Terminology in one language often does not always have a direct translation in another. In order for a translator to explain the terminology they must first understand what it means. If they have no experience with the industry mistakes are inevitable.

Only work with expert translators that have real-world experience in the field to guarantee the accuracy of your business translation, and you can find such experience and accuracy when you turn to The Translation Company.

Different names for the same thing:

Immigration translations and certified translations are just different names for 'official translations'.


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