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The Translation Company is a quality Danish translation provider headquartered in New York and serving clients from all over the world. The Translation Company is experienced in providing professional Danish translations in different dialects of Danish. We can guarantee our translations because we use native Danish translators from different regions of Denmark and from other locations where there are other dialects.

The Translation Company has been delivering quality Danish translation for over a decade and has strong domain knowledge. We can deliver translations in different business segments through our specialized translators. They have rich experience and knowledge in their respective fields of specialization to translate from English to Danish and Danish to English.

The Translation Company is skilled at delivering professional Danish translations in combination with several languages found worldwide.

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Why The Translation Company?

At The Translation Company, we use only native Danish translators to execute translation. There is a five level team of professionals at The Translation Company that ensures quality and timely delivery of translation projects. The Translation Company also uses a system for working on translation jobs that is leak-proof and we thus are able to maintain the confidentiality of our clients.

English to Danish & Danish to English

Certified Danish translation can be described as a Danish translation that comes with a written guarantee that the translation is accurate and complete as compared to the source information. The method of certified Danish translation used is decided by the type of translation required.

If a client requires a certified Danish translation for presentation in a Court of Law, the translation needs to be done by a Danish translator who is certified with the appropriate court or judicial council. With this type of certified Danish translation, the certified Danish translator may also need to be present in the court to take a pledge that the translation done by the translator of a specific document is accurate and complete when compared with the source document. In some cases the jury, depending on the severity of the legal matter, may also demand an affidavit. In some courts a translation with a written statement from the certified Danish translator is also considered lawful. It all depends on the rules and regulations of the specific court.

Another method used to certify a Danish translation is when the certified Danish translators provide a certificate along with the translation. This certificate is usually printed on an official letterhead with the translation provider’s official raised seal or hologram.

Yet another type of certified Danish translation is apostilled Danish translation. This can be described as a Danish translation done by a native Danish translator and further attested to by an appropriate government official, usually from the foreign affairs ministry, who is authorized to do so or, in some countries, like the US, it is attested to by officials from the office of the Secretary of State.

When a notary public attests to documents translated to or from Danish, these translations are also considered certified Danish translations by government departments in certain countries. A Danish translator needs to be physically present when the translated documents are being notarized because, if we consider notarization of translations in Denmark, for example, notarization is generally carried out by the judges of the County Courts. They may also demand the translator to take a pledge stating that the translation was done correctly and completely to the best of the translator’s knowledge.

Danish translator certifications

Clients looking for legally certified translations should do a proper check of whether the certified Danish translator has a valid and appropriate certification/registration with the respective court or judicial council where the certified Danish translations are required to be presented. This check will ensure that the translations done by the certified Danish translator are accepted and considered lawful in the court.

On the other hand, if the translator does not have the proper valid certifications, then there is a good possibility that the judge may discard the translated documents, thus leading to a loss of money and time for the client.

Another way a translator can be certified is if the translator receives a certification from a reputed national translator association. An example of this type of association in the US would be the American Translators Association, which grants certification to translators. These certified Danish translators can then provide valid certified Danish translations.


BBDanish is a corporate member of The Translation Company. The Translation Company is a veteran member of the American Translators Association and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Because we are related to 7 Brands, we share the same level of standards in delivering quality certified Danish translations.

BBDanish has been delivering certified Danish translations for over a decade. Throughout our many years of service we have delivered quality certified translations for several thousands of individual clients and hundreds of corporate clients. Our client list attests to the quality of our work.

BBDanish has certified Danish translators with valid certifications to provide certified Danish translations. Our certified Danish translators can provide certified Danish translations that are not only valid in US courts but also in various courts in different nations around the world.

In addition to having valid certifications, our certified Danish translators have detailed knowledge of legal systems. They have ample experience with court presentations and know the rules and regulations to be followed in different courts.

BBDanish takes full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ information while providing certified Danish translations for different legal proceedings. We have a unique system that has been tried and tested and is fully secured to handle our clients’ most sensitive information. We do not just talk about our responsibility in this regard, we also provide confidentiality agreements upon request by our clients. And, most importantly, we do not charge for these agreements.

Typical Applications

In immigration departments, apostilled translation is required. Documents that can be translated using an apostille include naturalization certificates such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce certificates, among others.

In the legal profession, certified Danish translation generally includes those documents required in a Court of Law. Types of documents that need to be translated include, but are not limited to, certificates of incumbency, warrants, wills, affidavits, real estate conveyance documents, title documents, powers of attorney, lease documents, court proceedings, and court orders.

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