Sworn Translation in Brazil

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How a Sworn Translation Works

"Tradução Pública" or "Tradução Juramentada" is how a Sworn Translation is known in Brazil. This translation is provided by a translator who has passed an examination done by the state. These translators are know as "tradutores juramentados". The official title for such translators in Brazil is "Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter", and these individuals are approved to provide translations to one or more languages including the Portuguese.

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The examination

The public translator is awarded the title and registered in the commercial registry office of the state of his/her residency after the approval by means of a public examination (known as "Concurso Público" in Brazil).

Required by many official departments

Only a sworn translation is officially recognized by government departments. They have value as a legal documento according to the Decree 13609 from 1943:
"No book, document or paper of any nature writen in a foreign language will produce effect in departments of the Government, States, and Municipalities, in any case, Courts or entities supported, licensed or oriented by the public powers, whithout the respective translation done in accordance to this regulation".

Some of the requirements of a "Tradução Juramentada"

1. Opening paragraph with the translator's identification
2. Number of the translation, of the book of translations and the respective pages
3. Translation itself. Aside the translated text graphical elements such as "stamps, seals, signatures, authenticity and security elements, aside other graphic elements or features
4. Closing paragraph stating that the translation is complete and represents a faithful translation of the original document
5. Signature, name and stamp of the translator, number of his credentials with the commercial registry of the state

Manual with the Standards for Sworn Translations in Brazil

To learn more about sworn translations in Brazil and how such translations are prepared, you may download the Manual para Normalização de Traduções Juramentadas - Manual with the Standards for Sworn Translations

Association of Sworn Translators in Brazil

SÃO PAULO: http://www.atpiesp.org.br/
CEARÁ: http://www.acetesp.org.br
MINAS GERAIS: http://www.atpmg.com.br
PARANÁ: http://atpp.org.br/
RIO DE JANEIRO: http://www.atprio.com.br/

Actual Brazilian Sworn Translation

You can see here how a sworn translation looks like: Brazilian Sworn Translation - First Page.

The translator's credentials and the main elements of the document translated were removed to keep their privacy and confidentiality.

The "Tradutor Juramentato"

Sworn translations are majorly required in Brazil, where the so-called "Tradutor Juramentado" is a legal requirement for any use of translated documents at court or with the government.

The Sworn Translation in Brazil:

  • is done by a sworn translator
  • it has seals and an ID that is registered by the translator in an official book provided by the government
  • is charged according to an official price list determined by the government

The Sworn Translator:

  • is approved in a state-level public examination
  • meets minimum language fluency standards
  • are usually older folks since these examinations some times take more than decades to be made available (think market-entry barrier to benefit currently existing sworn translators)

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Top 5 Requirements for a Brazilian Portuguese Translation:

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