5 Facts You Should Know to Buy Translation

This is where translation buyers find actionable information about buying translations. If you are new or even if you haven’t been that long in the translation industry, a few minutes spent on each of these infographics will help you hit the ground running when buying translation services.

Types of Translation

You don’t need to know everything about translation to buy it. Let’s not forget it is our job – your vendor’s – to know it! This said, knowing basic things such as that “language translation” and “language interpretation” are two different things will make you look better and command more respect from translation vendors:

Infographics - Types of Translation

URL: https://thetranslationcompany.com/resources/5-facts-buying-translation/types-translation.htm

5 Ways to Save Big

Alright. At the end of the day, you can always ask for discounts from translation vendors for any reason. Even if the only reason you can come up with is taking your business elsewhere. Now, if you want to know a little bit more about pushing the right buttons to get the highest discounts possible from translation vendors, this is the infographic to read!

Infographics - 5 Ways to Save Big

URL: https://thetranslationcompany.com/resources/5-facts-buying-translation/ways-to-save-big.htm

Translation Pricing

Surprisingly, so many people don’t get how complex translation projects can get. And pricing does follow the same line. To learn the most important aspects considered in the pricing process of a translation, check our “Translation Pricing” infographic now.

Infographics - Translation Pricing

URL: https://thetranslationcompany.com/resources/5-facts-buying-translation/translation-pricing.htm

Avoiding Disaster

“Disaster” is not the most pleasant topic on our list. Maybe that’s why this is the last infographic in our series. Anyway, there is a reason why so many “lost in translation” stories are out there. Translation, when not taken seriously, can easily become a business nightmare. Read this infographic and make sure you are not the next one!

Infographics - Avoiding Disaster

URL: https://thetranslationcompany.com/resources/5-facts-buying-translation/avoiding-disaster.htm

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